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BWW Feature: The Elevator Pitch In The Digital Age

At any given moment someone might have a gig for you. Be prepared.

BWW Feature: The Elevator Pitch In The Digital Age

An article in one of the important industry trade magazines outlined the extent to which the casting directors of Los Angeles and New York have come to rely on social media when it comes to casting actors. The article contained a declaration that more casting is achieved, these days, from social media than from resumes or even auditions. We all know it. It is sometimes odd to say it out loud, to acknowledge it, but it is downright strange to read it in a reputable show business trade sheet; nevertheless, there it was, in black and white, plain as day: roles are cast off the internet. After nine months of coronavirus mishegas that is absolutely more true than ever before.

BWW Feature: The Elevator Pitch In The Digital AgeArtists have always had to rely on self-promotion to get work. Whether working in the performing arts, visual arts, the literary arts, or any other branch of the creative world, artists have to be willing to, to be able to put themselves out there. It can be frustrating, it can be a drag, it can be embarrassing but it doesn't change the fact that authors sign books, painters press flesh, and actors hand out headshots. Without these practices, their careers stall and their work remains unseen. It doesn't have to be unseen, though.

BWW Feature: The Elevator Pitch In The Digital AgeIt's a new world. Models don't carry portfolios anymore - they are represented online. Singers don't carry demos anymore - they are represented online. Actors don't even have to audition in person anymore - they do it online. At any given moment during the day, a performer might find themselves at a party, on a plane, in an elevator with someone that might be able to offer them work. When that someone asks "Where can I see your work?" the artist should be able to direct them to an online presence - a website, an Instagram page, a YouTube channel, a pro-Facebook page, a Wikipedia page. Every artist wishing to work needs to be easily found through a Google search. An artist working without an online representation of their work is an artist working in a vacuum. Now, more than ever, artists need some form of digital representation.

BWW Feature: The Elevator Pitch In The Digital Age

I recently saw an announcement on my Facebook newsfeed - Gerrilyn Sohn had a new website. I love looking at artists' websites. I had some time to kill (who doesn't these days?) so I posted on my own Facebook page, asking the artists of the community to share their links with me. That request led me down a rabbit hole of digital creation for the artists working in the club and concert industry.

Follow me down the rabbit hole, too. See what these fine folks have done and what they are up to today, as we look at some of the websites and social media handles of the Club Kids.

BWW Feature: The Elevator Pitch In The Digital Age

Ari Axelrod - singer/musician/teacher/director- WEBSITE

Seth Bisen-Hersh - performer/producer/writer/musician - WEBSITE
Steve Bustamante - videographer WEBSITE - performance/songwriting WEBSITE
Jim Caruso - singer/emcee - WEBSITE
Joan Darragh singer- YouTube CHANNEL
Doris Dear - entertainer/interviewer - Twitter @Doris_Dear - WEBSITE - YouTube CHANNEL - Wikipedia PAGE

"In the past, when I had to vote for some MAC nominees that I couldn't get to see their shows, I would immediately try to hunt them down on the internet.. YouTube, IG, anything to help me find out more about them as a performer, and I am baffled by lack of presence. I am by no means proficient in this and still a big work in progress, and also need to update more often! Lol But I am at least have some sort of presence if you search "

---Lisa Yaeger

BWW Feature: The Elevator Pitch In The Digital Age

Patrick DeGennaro - singer/songwriter/musician/coach - WEBSITE - YouTube CHANNEL - FACEBOOK
Dawn Derow - singer - FACEBOOK - YouTube CHANNEL
Lianne Marie Dobbs - actor/singer - Instagram @nycnightingale - WEBSITE - YouTube CHANNEL
Natalie Douglas - singer/coach - WEBSITE - YouTube CHANNEL
Kevin Dozier - singer - WEBSITE

BWW Feature: The Elevator Pitch In The Digital Age

Melissa Errico - singer/actor/author - Instagram @melissa_errico_fairymom - FACEBOOK -WEBSITE - Sondheim Sublime WEBSITE
Fleur Seule - retro/swing/jazz band - WEBSITE
Alexa Green - singer/coach - @atalexagreen on all socials - WEBSITE
Hannah Jane - singer - @hannahjanenyc on all socials - WEBSITE
Rachel Hundert - singer/songwriter - WEBSITE
Raissa Katona Bennett - actor/singer - WEBSITE

"Regina Zona did a post a while back during Quarantine trying to get us all to "Subscribe" to our fellow singers' pages... GIVE EACH OTHER A BOOST! We gotta start somewhere. If the MACNYC youtube channel can have 1.61K subscribers the rest of us should too!"

---Dawn Derow

BWW Feature: The Elevator Pitch In The Digital AgeBecca C. Kidwell - singer/writer/director/healer - WEBSITE

Nicolas King - singer - WEBSITE

Lina Koutrakos - singer/songwriter/director/teacher - WEBSITE

Laurie Krauz - singer - WEBSITE
Mary Lahti - actor/singer/dancer - WEBSITE
Jamie Lozano - composer/musical director/arranger/producer - WEBSITE
Karen Mason - actor/singer - WEBSITE
Michael McAssey - performer/musical director/conductor - WEBSITE
Peter Michael Marino - performer/producer/writer/coach - WEBSITE
Judi Mark - performer - Instagram @performerjudimark - YouTube CHANNEL - WEBSITE
Meagan Michelson - singer/actor - Instagram @meaganmichelson - FACEBOOK - WEBSITE - YouTube CHANNEL

"It is so important! When the business comes back (and it will!) there will be a years worth of product online! Keeping vital is very important. It is not easy for me because technology is not my "happy space" BUT I have jumped in and learned many skills I never knew I needed. I have audio, video, lights and mics, backdrops know-how that allows me to do what I need for auditions, demos, little shows every Thursday from my living room. Of course, all of this equipment takes up so much room I have no place for a Christmas Tree this year! Oh well. 2021 will have a tree, I hope!"

---Karen Mason

BWW Feature: The Elevator Pitch In The Digital AgeAlyssa Muniz - singer/actor - WEBSITE

Kati Neiheisel - singer - WEBSITE

Michael Orland - musician/arranger/coach - Instagram/Twitter @michaelorland - FACEBOOK

Alex Pearlman - filmmaker/documentarian - VIMEO - YouTube CHANNEL

BWW Feature: The Elevator Pitch In The Digital Age

Linda Purl - actor/singer - WEBSITE
Sierra Rein - singer - Instagram/Twitter: @sierrarein - FACEBOOK - WEBSITE
Julie Reyburn - singer/director/coach - WEBSITE - YouTube CHANNEL
David Rhodes - actor/writer/solo performer - WEBSITE
Brian Charles Rooney - actor/singer - WEBSITE
Dana P. Rowe - composer/musical director/author - WEBSITE
Robbie Rozelle - performer/emcee/designer - WEBSITE
Harold Sanditen - performer/emcee - Instagram/Twitter: @haroldsanditen - FACEBOOK 1 - FACEBOOK 2 - YouTube CHANNEL - WEBSITE
Amanda Scalici - The Scalicis: jazz group - WEBSITE
Eva Marie Shahoian - singer - WEBSITE - YouTube CHANNEL
Gerrilyn Sohn - singer - WEBSITE

"As someone who has curated many festivals with hundreds of performers, it astounds me that so many of them literally have no presence online. And when they do, it's some crappy handheld camera footage of them performing under-lit at some underground club. You know I don't mind that self-promotion stuff."

---Peter Michael Marino

BWW Feature: The Elevator Pitch In The Digital Age

Tracy Stark - singer/songwriter/musician/musical director/more - WEBSITE
Deborah Stone - singer/songwriter/guitarist - Instagram @Deborah.Stone.Sings WEBSITE
THOSE GIRLS - vocal group - WEBSITE
Lauren Turner - singer - WEBSITE
Lisa Viggiano - singer/teacher - WEBSITE - YouTube CHANNEL
Michah Young - performer/songwriter/musical director/coach - WEBSITE
Mitchell Walker - director/producer/coach - WEBSITE
Mark Weiser - musician/producer Dueling Pianos - WEBSITE - FACEBOOK
BWW Feature: The Elevator Pitch In The Digital AgeRobin Westle - singer - WEBSITE

Dorian Woodruff - singer - YouTube CHANNEL

Lisa Yaeger - singer - WEBSITE - YouTube CHANNEL

Deborah Zecher - singer/storyteller/rabbi - WEBSITE
Meri Ziev - singer - Instagram @meriziev - FACEBOOK - YouTube CHANNEL - WEBSITE
Regina Zona - singer/teacher/writer - WEBSITE

BWW Feature: The Elevator Pitch In The Digital Age

BWW Feature: The Elevator Pitch In The Digital Age

BWW Feature: The Elevator Pitch In The Digital Age

BWW Feature: The Elevator Pitch In The Digital Age

BWW Feature: The Elevator Pitch In The Digital Age

BWW Feature: The Elevator Pitch In The Digital Age

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