Watch Trailer for DUST OF WAR, Available Today

The DUST OF WAR official trailer is now available . The film is available everywhere today, June 3rd - from Freestyle Digital Media. Watch the trailer below:

Directed by Andrew Kightlinger and written by Andrew Kightlinger, Adam Emerson, and Luke Schuetzle, the film stars Tony Todd, Doug Jones, Gary Graham, Steven Luke, Bates Wilder, Jordan McFadden, Hank Ostendorf, David Midthunder

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An alien invasion has left the Earth scoured. The old American Frontier has become one of the last vestiges for a scavenging world. Through the wreckage, a child emerges who harbors a secret so powerful even she cannot know its truth. The hope of humanity rests on her shoulders. A resistance movement - The Free Legion - has vowed to protect her, convinced she will eventually bring peace. But the child, now a young woman named Ellie (JORDAN MCFADDEN), has fallen into the hands of General Chizum (BATES WILDER), a brutal warmonger bent on unveiling her secret. With humanity in the balance, the Free Legion has dispatched two of their bravest: Abel (STEVEN LUKE), the soldier of few words, and Tom Dixie (GARY GRAHAM), the cynical war vet. Together, and with the help of a makeshift family led by Crispus Hansen (Tony Todd) and Jebediah Strumm (Doug Jones) they endeavor to bring her back.