VIDEO: Watch 'Dark Lord Funk' Parody Music Video!

KFaceTV recently made a Harry Potter parody version of Bruno Mars' hit pop single, "Uptown Funk," entitled, "Dark Lord Funk." Check it out below!

Director: Keith Allen
Producers: Keith Allen, Marcus Joseph, and Andrew Carver
Filmer: Marcus Joseph
Production Designers: Andrew Carver, Nate Bonham
Instrumental Music: Marcus Joseph, Keith Allen
Writer: Keith Allen
Editors: Marcus Joseph, Keith Allen, and Andrew Carver
Costumes: Keith Allen, Mikell Price
Make-Up: Ariana Davis, Mikell Price
Props: Nate Bonham
Production Assistant: Nick Sales, Mont Toronto
Location Help: David Rowe, Jared Bell

Track guitar help from John Allred:

Voldemort: Elijah Thomas
Belatrix: Rebecca B.
Fenrir: Jeremy LeBaron
Death Eaters: Andrew Carver, Carson Davies, Stephen Tobian, Izzy,
RJ Idos, Keith Allen, Holden Bailey, Zac Keyes, Matt Pace (Trumpet!)
Harry Potter: Keith Allen
Ron: Stuart Edge (
Hermione: Nikole T.
Filch: Alan Babcock
McGonagall: Stephanie Boohar
Neville: Nate Bonham

VIDEO: Watch 'Dark Lord Funk' Parody Music Video!