VIDEO: New Comedy Video MILLENNIAL HIGH ART, Coming to GMA

Below, check out a new high-end production comedy video MILLENNIAL HIGH ART: Defining An Entire Generation, One Twerk At A Time , that parodies the cultural phenomenons of the Millennial generation. The video was released last night, and will soon be featured on Good Morning America.

The Millennial generation is at the forefront of pop culture, grabbing headlines and stealing the spotlight in the most ridiculous ways. This buzzed-about age group has become the target of much scrutiny for its lack of artistic prowess, yet this video compiles all of the insanity into an ironically crafted work of art.

Millennial High Art is the greatest, most-accurate portrayal of a generation's culture, ever produced. The video conveys a statement that holds true if we assume that Millennials are, indeed, the self-obsessed, socially uncalibrated, vain generation that is so commonly referenced by the media.

Featuring some of the Internet's most popular let me torture myself for Youtube fame type stunts, Millennial High Art adds a laughably excessive amount of video production quality to these popular Millennial activities that are commonly shot on nothing more than a Smartphone camera.

The project, created by filmmakers Michael Sorace and Edward Sturm, intends to poke fun at the questionable trends created by those who have grown up with the Internet, the Millennials. It showcases three of the craziest and most recognizable viral video challenges, while beautifying them to a level comparable to film art. This piece is both a satire and a celebration of the type of humor that originated the term, viral.

VIDEO: New Comedy Video MILLENNIAL HIGH ART, Coming to GMA