Fathom Events made a great decision this week showing THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA AT THE ROYAL Albert Hall and LOVE NEVER DIES on the big screen again. On Monday, May 21, 2012 and Wednesday, May 23, 2012, these two grand productions were brought back to the big screen for one night only and shown throughout the United States. The productions were fantastic and the opportunity to see great performers was priceless. Having previously seen LOVE NEVER DIES (see review) I took the chance to go see THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA AT THE ROYAL Albert Hall on Monday evening and was not disappointed at all.

 From the very first note to the last scene, the show was a hit. Ramin Karimloo played to part of Phantom superbly and his talent was incredible. He has a very strong voice and remarkable acting ability that made you understand the Phantom on a new level. Sierra Boggess as Christine was a fantastic choice for this performance as well. She did a great job. Also, Hadley Fraser was another stand out in this performance.

But, watching a play on a big screen made me contemplate many other aspects of a production onstage and to prepare it for home viewing/big screen. As I watched the performance of Ramin, I was suddenly struck by the fact that he wears not just one mask and one wig, but two masks (make-up) and two wigs for each performance. And the coats, capes, shirts, ties and scarves on top of all of that are part of what make the show that much more realistic. Sierra has many layers of costumes she must wear during the entire performance which can’t be too comfortable. Night after night, these performers put on these costumes and go onto a stage with bright hot lights. It’s not surprising that you could see the sweat on the faces of Ramin, Sierra and the other actors.

The fact that it was on the big screen was a new way of understanding the technical side of this production. As the performers sang, camera angles were important as well as proper lighting and timing for all involved. You could also see the emotion in the actors’ faces, the misty eyes and the tears. You could see the anguish in Raoul’s face and the loneliness in the Phantom’s. These are harder to notice if you are seeing it live onstage. And this is why sharing it on a big screen like Fathom Events did make it worth the time to attend.

If you have a chance to attend any Fathom Events on the big screen, take the chance. It’s worth the time and money. To see what’s coming up with Fathom Events, go to their webpage.

Photo credit: Fathom Events