Marlett's BLUE HIGHWAY In Development as B'Way Play and Film

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Variety reports that a new play by David Marlett is currently being developed as both a potentially Broadway bound play and an indie film. The work is aiming to be staged this fall, with a reading later this June, while 'The Artist's Richard Middleton is hoping to bring together a film version, schedule to begin production next spring. It is possible that a documentary may also be made following the project's 'stage to screen' story.

Both projects will be financed by a common 'funding pool' of $4 million which is currently in the process of being filled. Producers will use crowdfunding in the hopes of raising about $500,000 towards that goal.

Marlett originally wrote the story as a screenplay, but soon realized the potential it had to go up on stage. His work tells the aftermath of a car accident on a lonely road. He offered his screenplay to stage vet Maxwell, whose Off Broadway credits include ("Dinner with Friends," "Oleanna"). " Both and Middleton showed interest in proceeding.

Says Maxwell, who has already approached theater owners about a possible Broadway run, "It's hard to grab the public's attention, and any edge you can get to stand out you should grab onto." He also commented on the unique turn of events which would see his play produced on stage before a movie version, "The idea of having the play go first seemed like a good opportunity to work out the kinks and find out what works." He adds, "Just because the play doesn't work doesn't mean the movie won't."

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