Garden Theatre Announces STARLITE FILM FESTIVAL FILMS & WORKSHOPS, 1/31- 2/2

Garden Theatre Announces STARLITE FILM FESTIVAL FILMS & WORKSHOPS, 1/31- 2/2

The Garden Theatre is pleased to announce the StarLite Film Festival January 31 - February 2, 2013. Over the course of three days the StarLite Film Festival will feature hand-selected micro-budget films and workshops at the Garden Theatre in historic downtown Winter Garden (160 W Plant St).

Thursday, Jan 31
7pm - Kickoff Reception
8pm - Robin Cowie, Keynote Speaker
8:15pm - Midnight Son
10pm - After Party

Friday, Feb 1
7pm - The First Winter
9pm - Hannah Has a Ho-PhaseSaturday, Feb 2
11:30am - The Racket Boys
1:30pm - Social Media Panel
2:30pm - The Spacewalk
4:30pm - 2xUno
6:15pm - Equipment Panel
7:30pm - Waterhole Cove
9:30pm - Less Lost
11pm - Awards Ceremony
On January 31, keynote speaker Robin Cowie will kick off by highlighting the StarLite Film Festival and speaking to micro-budget filmmaking. Cowie, currently a film producer for the horror genre, is the mind behind the Grassroots marketing efforts of the micro-budget blockbuster The Blair Witch Project.

A series of free workshops will be provided throughout the film festival which will focus on topics in micro-budget filmmaking. Those sitting on the panels include Independent filmmakers and producers from Central Florida, as well as the directors of the films 2xUno, Less Lost, Waterhole Cove, and The Spacewalk.

The Social Media Panel will discuss the role of social media when marketing a micro-budget film. Filmmakers will discuss the social media strategies they have used, and how to effectively reach your desired audience.

The Equipment Panel will discuss how filmmakers create shots and use cameras on a budget, what equipment is essential and unessential, and how can you shoot a movie for $200,000 and it look like it was made for $1 million.

All-Access Passes are available for only $30. Tickets to films are $5, $7 for the opening night screening of Midnight Son which grants access to the Kickoff Reception.

For movie tickets, All-Access Passes, and the complete festival schedule go to HYPERLINK "" or call the Garden Theatre Box Office at 407-877-4736.

Please note films contain language, and some contain violence. For questions regarding content, please contact the Garden Theatre box office at 407-877-4736.

The StarLite Film Festival at the Garden Theatre is a one-of-a-kind micro-budget film festival promoting the screening and development of feature length narrative films that are produced, shot, and completed for a total budget of less than $200,000. Visit for more information.

Located in the heart of historic downtown Winter Garden on Plant Street, the Garden Theatre is a not-for-profit community organization committed to enriching, engaging, and entertaining through creative experiences. The theatre, which reopened 2008, showcases an atmospheric theatre in a Mediterranean Revival style venue. The Garden Theatre hosts live plays, concerts, movies, and more to the residents of and visitors to the city of Winter Garden. For tickets or additional information, contact the Garden Theatre Box Office at 407-877-GRDN (4736) or

Midnight Son
2011, 88 minutes, California. Directed by Scott Leberecht. Showing 7pm Thursday
A young man Jacob is confined to a life of isolation due to a rare skin disorder that prevents him from being exposed to sunlight. His world opens up when he meets Mary, a local bartender, and falls in love. Tragically, Jacob's actions become increasingly bizarre as he struggles to cope with the effects of his worsening condition. Forced by the disease to drink human blood for sustenance, he must control his increasingly violent tendencies as local law enforcement narrow their focus on him as a suspect in a series of grisly murders. Special guest Robin Cowie, who executive produced the film, will speak before and after this screening.

The First Winter
2012, 72 minutes, Canada. Directed by Ryan McKenna. Showing 7pm Friday
A young man in Portugal impregnates a vacationing Canadian and must face the inhospitable prairie landscape and its hopeless denizens when he emigrates to join her in this quirky comedy. This is the first feature film for director/producer Ryan McKenna.

Hannah Has a Ho-Phase
2011, 90 minutes. New York. Directed by Jamie Jensen and Nadia Munla. Showing 9pm Friday
25-year-old Hannah thinks she knows everything there is to know about sex and relationships...Her best friend and roommate Leslie can't take it anymore. Hannah and Leslie's constant debate over what's right and wrong in the bedroom lands them in a heated argument and they end up challenging each other to switch places. They find it impossible to win the bet they've made without compromising what matters the most to them: their friendship. The directors were determined to make this film with a entirely female production team, and they did.

The Racket Boys
2012, 80 minutes. California. Directed by Brandon Willer. Showing 11:30pm Saturday
The Racket Boys is a modern road trip comedy about two men and a woman driving from Los Angeles to San Francisco for individual reasons, but the same goal -- finding happiness and a reason for it all. A simple story of friends on the road, searching for meaning in an indifferent existence. This black-and-white film is the first feature by director/producer Brandon Willer.

The Spacewalk
2011, 75 minutes. California. Directed by Jona Newhall. Showing 3pm Saturday
While camping in the mountains of western United States, two brothers make a camp beside a glacial lake, and talk openly about the struggle of living a life and about bringing children into a harsh world. The next morning, the younger brother becomes trapped on a ledge, and must shamefully call for his brother's help. The older brother must improvise a rescue with very few resources. Theory and philosophy become, for the moment, irrelevant, and perhaps something deeper emerges. The story is about a physical journey, and also a journey of memory, of parents and children, speculation, compassion, dreams, and visions.

2012. 102 minutes, Mexico. Directed by Bernardo De Urquidi. Showing 1pm Saturday
Two Brothers run away from home in Mexico city and travel north in search of adventure. Their trip will bring them face to face with death to survive they will have to change their perception of life, love and freedom. The 23-year-old director will travel from Mexico to attend the StarLite Film Festival to screen his first film.

Waterhole Cove
2012. 85 minutes, Florida. Directed by Brett Bonowicz. Showing 7:30pm Saturday
An exploration of the relationship between a caretaker in rural Maryland and the two men in her life. Filmed in Maryland, Waterhole Cove was directed by a UCF Film student graduate who will attend the StarLite Film Festival.

Less Lost
2012. 77 minutes, Florida. Directed by Chase Connor. Showing 9:30pm Saturday
Less Lost is the fictional story of a young man named Luke who is medically retired after serving in the US Army. Although his physical injuries are healing with time, the physiological effects associated with combat related PTSD only worsen. When his condition becomes a threat to his wife and child, he is faced with an ultimatum: get better or lose them. With the help of a new friendship with a fellow veteran named Darien, Luke faces an important crossroads where he must choose to remain in the past or move forward into the future. Filmed in Orlando and Daytona Beach, this is the first project by director/producer Chase Connor, who will attend the StarLite Film Festival.