GLEE's Jane Lynch Reveals Her 'Wish List' for Final Season

GLEE's Jane Lynch Reveals Her 'Wish List' for Final Season

FOX executive Kevin Reilly recently revealed at a press conference that the 6th and final season of the network's long-running dramedy, Glee will premiere next year and consist of a shortened season of a mere 13 episodes.

This week, Jane Lynch, who portrays coach Sue Sylvester on the show, spoke to OK Magazine and shared her hopes and expecatations for the GLEE's final season. "I hope that every episode we have left is an event that we'll look back on them and go, 'Oh, wasn't that a great episode?'" she told OK at Fox's Girl's Night Out panel on Monday. "I hope that The Message is clear and uplifting and honest."

Added the actress, "Reading the pilot, I knew it was special but I didn't know it would be such a huge audience," I knew we would have a rabid following. I knew it because I know how music affects me. I know how being part of a group where you belong is important, especially for kids. So I knew we would have kids who would be locked into it. They would lock into it and we would have fans but I didn't expect it would be the huge worldwide phenomenon it has become."

FOX has not yet revealed a premiere date for the show's final season.