Emma Watson to Redefine Royalty in THE QUEEN OF THE TEARLING

Emma Watson to Redefine Royalty in THE QUEEN OF THE TEARLING

Emma Watson is returning to the big screen. And this time, according to Daily Mail's Baz Bamigboye, she's planning on redefining what it means to be a queen. Watson will be playing the role of Kelsea Glynn in the upcoming film adaptation of The Queen Of The Tearling, written by Erika Johansen.

Johansen's new novel, the first of a new trilogy series, takes place in a post-utopian country. Watson's character is raised in a hidden cottage by foster parents until her 19th birthday when she takes her place as queen. As part of her new duties, she is forced to deal with a cruel, neighboring monarch and the dark secrets of the land.

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Kelsea is raised by her foster parents to be an individual who is capable of thinking on her own. She's also described as "round and ruddy as a tomato;"and, her scars and bruises are often made note of by Johansen. She's not your typical beautiful queen and Watson wants to keep her that way.

Before filming, Watson will be strength training, learning wield a blade, and how to ride a horse and climb trees. She wants to be that she creates a strong female lead that breaks down the typical queen ideal.

As Bamigboye put it: "The Queen Of The Tearling is like Game Of Thrones and The Hunger Games meets Pulp Fiction; there's a feminist perspective, but also a lot of bloody goings-on."

Filming may begin next year- the production is still searching for a director.