Christine Horn Creates TV Show VEGGIE HEADZ to Teach Children and Families about Nutrition

Christine Horn Creates TV Show VEGGIE HEADZ to Teach Children and Families about Nutrition

First Lady Michelle Obama's campaign, "Let's Move", has highlighted four contributing factors to childhood obesity, which are sedentary lifestyles, unhealthy snacking, large portion sizes, and increased calorie intake. Research conducted from the "Let's Move" campaign states that obese children are more susceptible to heart disease, type 2 diabetes, asthma, sleep apnea, and social discrimination.

Recognizing these issues, Christine Horn took her passions and expertise to create Veggie Headz™, a children's television series that educates children and parents on the importance of incorporating fresh fruits, vegetables, and healthy habits into their lives. The need for Veggie Headz™ came from Horn's research of current physical activity in educational settings. She found in a CDC June 2012 report that nearly half of responding schools in the U.S. had no physical education classes in an average week and some schools reported having no gym facilities. Also, one in five elementary-age children has up to six snacks per day.

The 30-minute broadcast of Veggie Headz™ features a memorable and likeable cast of adults, children, and puppets. Characters like Summer the Veggiecator, encourages the audience to make her healthy recipes in the Veggie Clubhouse, where other characters like puppet pals, Charlie the Chicken and Charlotte the Cow, offer comic relief with their varied eating habits. Together, the cast explores ways to prepare appetizing and deliciously healthy foods, remain physically active, and have fun all at the same time.

In preparation to launch the first season of Veggie Headz™, Horn is initiating a 45 day Indiegogo Campaign to collectively raise $50,000. Horn hopes that in giving to this campaign, parents will recognize the need for important, healthy programming for our youth. Horn states: "This show is for the busy parent who yearns for their kids to eat healthier and have fun while doing it. Veggie Headz™ brings families' together in the best room of the house...the kitchen."

Horn's vision for Veggie Headz™ is to ultimately combat the negative effects of childhood obesity through fun, interactive, and healthy educational broadcasts. Her vision not only extends to children but to parents as well. For example, the recipe implementation in performances creates healthy activities that parents and children can partake in together and thus create favorable pastimes for families.

"The key to the future lies within children. I want them to grow up to be healthy, happy adults who can pass on healthy habits to their families." -Christine Horn

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