BWW Recap: SURVIVOR- BLOOD VS WATER 12/10; Final Results!

I tend to be overly verbose when it comes to, well, just about everything. So today, I'm going to try something different. I'm going to keep this short and sweet. After the two-hour SURVIVOR fest last week, I think we all deserve it. And honestly, there's only one point that I think I need to make at this stage of the game. So here goes: Natalie needs to accomplish something tonight. So far, her plans have fallen just short of actual execution. Her new target, Jon, is a good one to have. I don't hate the guy, but he should probably go. He's a physical threat, plus he feels way too safe. To be fair, I guess it's not Natalie's fault that he won individual immunity last week, but if she and the rest of the gang want Jon gone, they're going to have to push harder to make sure that doesn't happen again. So Natalie, let's really try to do that. Okay? Please? Do it for me. The episode's called "Let's Make a Move" for a reason. And then you'll have a big power move to brag about at that final tribal council. Everybody wins.

There. Short and sweet. McCoy out.

8:02 Wow, Natalie. This is great. "Ohhhhh...I was supposed to vote for Keith? DOH!" And the Academy Award goes to...

I kinda can't believe Keith's still here, if I'm being honest. And y'know what, I think he's probably pretty shocked himself.

8:07 A tunnel of hay? Well. That's certainly different. Look who's Farmer Jeff all of the sudden. And wow, I'm relieved for these guys to learn that "spa food" apparently includes steak and cookies, and not just kale chips and hummus.

Do you think Papa Probst wears the same blue shirt each episode? Or does he have an entire closet full of them, like Superman? I like to think the latter. He strikes me as the type. And I guess after hosting this show for a hundred years, he can certainly afford a closet-full of pretty blue shirts.

Jaclyn, oh my gosh, stop, you are literally so annoying. She gets annoyed at Jon for every little thing. Like, my goodness.

8:20 Aw, poor Missy! Can you imagine getting this far in the game and having something like a busted ankle ruin it all? That'd be terrible.

Really, of all the people to win this spa reward, of course it had to be Keith. I mean, it's only natural, right? Nothing screams spa like that guy.

I'm glad Jaclyn finally brought up the fact that Keith is weirdly good at the immunity challenges...Wait, side note, how did my recap accidentally become all about Keith? I feel like I've already mentioned him a good fifty times. Anyway, Jaclyn may have a good point. If Keith wins another immunity comp, that'll only prove it.

The swiftness with which "medical" arrives once beckoned by Papa Probst really has to make you wonder how many people are lurking just behind the cameras. Like, I think we all assume it's just Jeff and a camera guy, but there's gotta be a whole team of people back there. Weird.


8:33 Gosh, I hope they give Missy some ice or...something...Wow, that really stinks. At least they don't have that much time left...And, hey! Maybe she'll get voted out tonight! Look on the bright side!

Ohhhhh, c'mon, Nat, go to your happy place, GO TO YOUR HAPPY PLACE. Yes! Gurl, that necklace sure looks good on you. I hope she follows through on the Jon thing. The poor guy is so sure it's going to be Keith...That would be a real blindside.

8:44 Baha. Did anybody else see that super quick shot of Keith frolicking alone in the surf? Daw. WHY IS MY ENTIRE RECAP ABOUT KEITH TONIGHT?!

It's so weird to me that two couples have survived this long. If I were part of a pair, I would never feel safe. Don't these people ever feel the need to break up the pairs? So strange.

Wow, Missy. Your integrity is a serious issue. I mean, it's great, and all, but who cares if you made a deal with Jon?! Does she honestly think voting him out tonight will ruin all of his chances with the jury in the end? Please. Also..Jon's taking Jaclyn to the end. He's not taking you. So. Come. On.

"Playing the game gets you votes!" Thank you, Keith! I knew there had to be a reason I was so obsessed with you tonight. You, sir, know what's up.

8:52 I change my mind. About everything. Send Missy home tonight.

I can't believe Jon didn't play his idol. He still has one right? Like, did he really feel that confident? How could you with only six people left?

Aw yeah, Natalie! Now, that's a move! Good for Jon though, going out all classy and whatnot. That's what you like to see. And I suspect he'll be the kind of jury member that will understand a game's a game, and even appreciate the efforts it took to get him voted out. What a guy.

What did you think of Natalie's power move? Are you ready for next week's two-hour finale? Who do you want to take home the million dollars?

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