BWW Recap: Peace, Love, and Vampires on SUPERNATURAL

This week in Mystic Falls...oh, wait. We weren't in Mystic Falls, we weren't in New Orleans, and we weren't even in Bon Temps. Nope, this week's episode of SUPERNATURAL, "Hibbing 911," took us to Hibbing, Minnesota where the vampires weren't angst-ridden, sexually frustrated teens, but hippies who just couldn't leave Woodstock behind.

Resident Sheriff Jody Mills returned this week to attend a painful looking Sheriff's Retreat in Hibbing. Not only would Jody have to endure the retreat away from her rebellious teenage daughter, but she was forced to pair up with local sheriff, Donna, last seen attending a weight loss retreat run by some fat-sucking Fish Tacos Pishtaco's.

The murder of a townsfolk sparked Jody's interest as she tried to investigate. Jody's brand of nice was a little too aggressive for Hibbing and it was Donna to the rescue as they snuck a peek at the dead man's body; half eaten, deprived of his pants belt, and a ravenous murder for such a mundane town.

Jody thought of calling in Sam and Dean for backup, even placing a call into them, but she was certain she could solve the murder on her own. Except a second body, pillaged in the same way, had turned the case from odd to just plain unexplainable. The Winchesters didn't need Jody to ask for help, as they were pretty scarce on cases at the present moment.

The brothers popped into Hibbing to give the sheriff a visit. The surprise reunion with Donna was short as Donna took a stroll outside only to discover another local sheriff, Len, standing over the dead body of a fellow policewoman. He looked up, opening his mouth and revealing a set of sharp, shark-like teeth. Vampires were in town.

Donna quickly rushed to tell Jody about her discovery and that she was certain she knew which room Len was staying in. Jody obviously believed every word of Donna's, but kept it cool until they investigated the room fully. The first clue, sunblock, was the only clue Jody needed to pull out her machete at the sound of the door jiggling. Sam and Dean rushed in and Jody caught them up to speed on the vampire problem, Donna standing in shock. She didn't need too much explanation on the existence of monsters, even getting upset over the revelation that her weight-loss retreat was too good to be true. In fact, Donna insisted she join the brothers and Jody in their search for the vampire nest as she declared, "Stuff you, Dean!"

The gang made their way to the address of the farm Donna had uncovered and quickly came across Len. But it wasn't Len they needed to watch out for, it was the homeless hippie girl Jody had generously given money to when first arriving at the retreat. Her and her hippie-vampire minions tied to gang up as she explained that she was creating a type of "circle of life" situation when it came to feeding and pillaging. Len had been her maker and teacher in the 1960s, but somewhere along the way Len had found his conscience, switched to the vegetarian bagged blood option, and became a sheriff to help people. This angered his progeny; he would rejoin his caravan of hippie-vampires and kill the Winchesters and Jody to prove his worth. He refused, angering the girl, and leading to his murder.

Donna swooped in to save the day as she chopped off the vampire girl's head, "Hakuna Matata, Lady!" The others quickly freed themselves to help take out the entire nest. Jody just couldn't escape those pesky vampires. At least she had a new friend, Donna, to help teach the ways of the supernatural.

Things we need to discuss:

- Jody calling out Donna's ex for his awful fat shaming and calling him a douche. I've missed you, Jody.

- I've also missed having some kickass women on the show. More Jody, more Donna, more Charlie, more ladies!

- The flashbacks to Jody's husband being murdered by the monstrous version of her son were a reminder just how heartbreaking SPN can be.

- Dean: "You're a vampire. You're scum. End of story." Hey, Dean, are we forgetting about Benny once again?

- Dean still not being honest with Sam about the Mark of Cain. This can only culminate in a bloody, ugly, and possibly tragic fall finale.

Were you a rebellious teenager? Were you also a vampire? How much would you pay to take a time machine back and attend Woodstock? More ladies on SUPERNATURAL, Am I right!? Comment below or tweet me @enr702 or find me live-tweeting @erinrlivetweets!

Below, check out a promo for the sure to be epic mid-season finale "The Things We Left Behind":

Photo Credit: The CW

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