BWW Recap: Jess and Cece are Lost in Emojis on NEW GIRL

Trouble is in the air when Jess and Cece are at war with each other. Especially when Schmidt doesn't know any better than to steer clear when these girls are mad. Tonight we learned that the catalyst for war just may be sending the most insensitive emojis.

Cece and Jess are in a fight. They both found a purse they loved, but decided for the sake of friendship for neither to purchase it. However, Jess went back and bought it. Since Schmidt can't pick up on social cues, he reveals this to Cece. Jess and Cece do their usual passive aggressive way of dealing with conflict until Schmidt actually talks to Cece and breaks the plan. Using the power of passive aggressive emojis, the girls battle it out via text until Cece lays down the gauntlet with two syringes. Whoa... whoa.

The guys just argue then punch each other and it's done. Coach sternly warns Schmidt not to get involved in girl fights as they are on another level. Coach has sisters, he knows. Schmidt does get involved and winds up witnessing the battle royale at Nadia's baby shower when Cece and Jess let it all out. First, by venting all their arguments through the years and then by a physical fight involving all the girls at the shower. Surprisingly, it works and they feel much better even though Schmidt and Coach may be emotionally scarred from the whole thing.

Nick starts dating Kai, Tran's granddaughter. The two are so similar, it is frightening. Winston, who is doing absolutely everything to avoid studying for his test, decides to investigate Kai and comes to the hypothesis that she is homeless. Nick begins to get suspicious and insists on hanging out at Kai's house. Turns out, she isn't homeless, she's actually ridiculously wealthy.

I probably should be that person that points out how sexist this episode is generalizing and categorizing women and the way they fight and act toward each other, but I just can't. Coach is right, it's how we are. I guess it isn't 100% true all the time, but for the most part, at least in my personal experience, passive aggressiveness is the way to go. So I won't condemn NEW GIRL for this plotline as, I'm sorry to say, it rings a little true. And Schmidt, who claims to be such a ladies man is always fun to watch when we're reminded what a late bloomer he was with still so much to learn.

No sign or mention of Jess' new main squeeze, Ryan this week. I assumed after last week's climactic finish, he'd be around more often, but I stand corrected. Even though this episode provided many laughs, it's just hard to top last week's Thanksgiving masterpiece, the best of the season thus far.

Lines I Love:

  • Nick - Nadia? Isn't the Russian chick who broke Schmidt's... uh... Schmidt - Will to live? After she broke my penis?

  • Schmidt - Let us not forget that I had boobs for the first 19 years of my life. I grew up as a fat, asexual friend-zoner.

  • Jess - Cece and I, we're gonna be fine. 'Cause it's gonna play out the way it always does. We're not gonna talk for three days and then I'll surprise her with a latte. And then, we'll act like nothing happened.

  • Jess - I gave you the money and you spent it on condoms and taffy. Schmidt - By the way, that sounds like a hell of a day. Jess - Well I wouldn't know, I was stranded on a beach being a virgin.

  • Nick - Hey, I gotta get to work. Yeah, it's karaoke night so I gotta get there early enough to break the karaoke machine.

Has Nick found his match or just a really appealing Sugar Mama? And face it, for Nick, does it matter? Winston's exams should be coming up soon. As much as I'm enjoying Cadet Winston, I can only imagine what Officer Winston will be like. Jess and Nick have both seem to find mates who are way more compatible to them than each other. It's almost a distant memory that the two dated, so even though I didn't approve of the breakup, the writers sure have handled it well finding endearing partners for the both of them. And Schmidt's unapologetic obsession with Cece is still an abundance of adorable. I sure hope there is more to come for those two.

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