BWW Recap: Chat LIVE as We Recap TIMELESS 12/12 at 10pm ET

BWW Recap: Chat LIVE as We Recap TIMELESS 12/12 at 10pm ET

BWW Recap: Chat LIVE as We Recap TIMELESS 12/12 at 10pm ET

Move over, Bonnie and Clyde - there's a new notorious historical figure in town, and his name is Benedict Arnold. Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus form an unlikely bond on TIMELESS this week as they travel back to 1780 to pay a visit to good ol' Benedict. While there, they team up with a more modern day traitor - Flynn - to try and stop Rittenhouse in the mysterious group's infancy.

This begs one pretty massive question: did Benedict Arnold create Rittenhouse...? And why? Okay, so I guess that's two massive questions. But if that is the turn that TIMELESS decides to take, I really will be waiting for the episode where they team up with Nicolas Cage to steal the Declaration of Independence.

Join me right here tonight at 10 PM as I live recap the newest episode of TIMELESS! Seems like we might actually start to get some answers, so let's all celebrate that together.

10:03: Interesting - they're casting Benedict Arnold in a pretty sympathetic light.

10:05: Aw, meeting Agent Christopher's family is adorable! Be careful, Agent Christopher - don't get in too deep with Rittenhouse!

This is the most we've seen of Agent Christopher before, and I'm really glad we're seeing it. She loves her family and she wants to remember them no matter what - the stakes are just as high for her as they are for Lucy or Wyatt or Rufus.

You know who's not as likable? Mason. Who barges into your employee's girlfriend's apartment at night?

10:10: Oh shoot, Rittenhouse knows that Rufus is fudging the recordings!

Psh, Mason, you're not sorry. Who are you kidding.

10:12: You want to kill George Washington, Flynn? Why on Earth do you think that's a good idea? Actually, if you're answering questions, why do you think any of this is a good idea?

10:20: First Lucy's journal, then the name of Wyatt's wife's killer? Flynn knows everything. How does Flynn know everything?

But hey, at least he's after Benedict Arnold and not George Washington, and at least he wants Rittenhouse gone, too...right? Better than nothing?

"Everybody wins." Famous last words.

10:25: Lucy's weirdly good at pretending to be a defector...

Flynn thinks killing Cornwallis is no big deal?! Does he not understand how altering the course of history by traveling backwards in time works?!

10:30: So...what Lucy's saying is that Benedict Arnold betrayed George Washington and the future United States of America because he was a little sad about not becoming Major General?

Also, David Rittenhouse? It's a person? Even Flynn is surprised!

10:36: I've gotta say, I'm with Wyatt and Rufus on this one. Rittenhouse is one man. Why not stop him now, while he's still an individual and not a massive organization?

10:45: Of course Rittenhouse is obsessed with time, and of course his kid is a little wonky. Rittenhouse basically thinks he and his members are behind the scenes clockmakers, and that peasants are incapable of making their own choices.

Tyranny disguised as democracy. Sounds like the makings of a classic dictatorship.

10:48: Listen, I don't care what the mission is: if a creepy old man wanted to "examine" me, I'd be out of there so fast, it's not even funny.

10:51: Oh shoot, Rittenhouse just shot Benedict Arnold point blank, straight in the chest! He saw no other way: Arnold's betrayed a best friend in the past. Why should Rittenhouse believe he'd be true and honest to him?

10:55: You go, Rufus! Coming in for the rescue right when Flynn, Lucy, and Wyatt needed it most.

(Who would've thought that Rufus would rescue Flynn?

Flynn murdered Rittenhouse - but his son escaped. David may be dead, but his teachings will live on through his son. If you start going down that rabbit hole, though, where will it end? Rittenhouse undoubtedly has a huge group of followers. Do you want to murder them all?

10:59: Lucy makes a good point: how does Flynn know for sure that Rittenhouse's son will follow in his father's footsteps?

Flynn's answer? Kidnap Lucy and take her back in his time machine.

This was by far the best episode in what's otherwise been quite a lackluster season. If every episode were like this, I would've been much more hooked. We got answers (but not too many answers). There was actually a bit of character development. And there were some major action scenes with an interesting villain. Keep the rest of them like this, TIMELESS, and you'll do well when you return in January.

What did you think of tonight's episode? Who do you side with: Lucy or Flynn? Let us know in the comments below!

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