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VIDEO: New Music Video for Miss Guy's 'Tonight'


Get re-acquainted with Miss Guy as he takes back the NYC music scene to save it with his new tracks off his forthcoming EP release,God Save New York. Best known as the lead singer of the well-known NYC rock band Toilet Boys, this cutting-edge songwriter and talented artist is now flying solo as he brings a unique blend of Blondie glam and Ramones rock & roll to the city that he loves.

Growing up in the New York City rock scene with mentors including Deborah Harry and Boy George, Miss Guy has developed vocals that echo the greats such as Smokey Robinson, Billy Corgan, and Diana Ross. New York City is where he started to perform and where he ultimately acquired his sound: "I knew at the age of 4 or 5 that I wanted to be a performer because of my love of music. When I was growing up, I was very shy and didn't know how to pursue putting a band or performance together. I was asked to be in a weekly show when I first moved to New York and that's where I got comfortable being on stage."

Since he first started performing in NYC, Miss Guy has proven that he is a natural born talent and has accumulated musical accolades over years of making music throughout his career. With his significant success as the Toilet Boys' frontman and as a pioneer in the DJ realm, Miss Guy has garnered much attention in the media and has collaborated with many rock and roll veterans. Miss Guy co-wrote the hit single "Charm Alarm" with Deborah Harry, which was certified gold. He also co-produced the remake of the Blondie hit "In the Flesh" with Super Buddha and co-wrote "Stay Away from Pretty Boys" with Boy George. Miss Guy and the Toilet Boys' hit song "Another Day in the Life" was featured in American Pie 2 and broke the MTV 2 Top 20, with their music also being featured on Last Call with Carson Daly, Becoming, Cribs, Driven, Fraternity Life, My Super Sweet 16, Sorority Life, Fashionably Loud, and MTV Spring Break. Miss Guy has also shared the stage with the likes of Bob Dylan, KISS, Guns N Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Blondie, The Ramones, Motorhead, Joan Jett, The Damned, The Donnas, The Hives, and more. Most recently, Miss Guy's song, "Dumb Blonde" is featured in the 2013 movie "Concussion" which was an Official Selection of the Sundance Film Festival.

After touring, traveling and gaining recognition and acclaim for the music that he makes all over the world, Miss Guy is ready to show us what he's made of and breaks out all the stops in his his new EP, God Save New York. Working with various musicians including Matt Katz-Bohen, keyboard player for Blondie, the EP opens up appropriately with the self-titled EP rock anthem, "God Save New York" which features Deborah Harry's sweet, pop rock vocals. The dance party keeps on going with the following track "Tonight" where classic rock meets disco vibes. "f Love" takes a pop turn in the EP and brings in musical cues from Justin Timberlake, while "Beautiful Stranger" slows down the pace and is laced with soft rock melodies and crooning heavy lyrics that leave you with a Smashing Pumpkins feeling. The classic rock vibe shows up again with "Crying in the Rain," which sounds like a dreamy Elton John ballad while the EP ends with the 80's-inspired new wave sound of "I Want You Back," heralding sounds of bands like New Order and The Cure.

Miss Guy's new tracks are a fantastic artistic endeavor that not only show the wide range of Miss Guy's talent and highlight all of his musical influences and inspirations, but most importantly are an ode to the city that created his sound. Miss Guy's motto is a quote from Madonna, "I wanna rule the world" - and with the arrival of the singles off his new EP along with all of his musical accomplishments, he might very well be on his way to doing just that.

Check out the video for 'Tonight' below!

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