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Buck AE Down Releases 'Scary Go Round' Lyric Video

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Buck AE Down has been hard at work using his multimedia expertise.

Buck AE Down Releases 'Scary Go Round' Lyric Video

As America enters what is likely to be one of the most politically tumultuous periods in its history, artist, musician, and writer Buck AE Down has been hard at work using his multimedia expertise to create an output of visually sonically, and textually poignant content. Following the release of his COVID-era concept record, The Great Quarantino, earlier this fall, Buck has debuted a new lyric video for the album's politically charged opening track, "Scary Go Round".

"It's possible that there is no more shining example of the manifest unseriousness of the Trump administration than taking an even cursory glance at Jared Kushner's portfolio," explains Buck. "'Scary Go Round' is largely about Kushner, but in a broader sense, it's about the cartoonishly inept enterprise of the Trump Administration / crime family full stop - A rickety carnival ride built by low watt amateurs that we are all stuck on that gets more terrifyingly unstable every day it runs."

In addition to his recent musical outputs, the ex-COMBINE vocalist and founding member of The Mutaytor has kickstarted what he calls his Quaranteam Freecycling Exchange program, which Buck explains as "an exercise in intentional gifting, mutual aid, and a high five from the hand of the really, really free market." For every exchange or transaction via the Quaranteam Freecycling Exchange, fans from both parties will be sent either a digital copy of either an unreleased song or frame-able original digital artwork. You can learn more about The Buck Down Quaranteam Freecycling Exchange by going HERE.

Buck has and continues to churn out his fair share of profound pieces of written political commentary. In his latest piece, "Picture A Trumpless Void," Buck muses over the exhaustion our current administration has caused our society and what life may be like if a void of calm now stood where once Trumpian populism festered.

You can watch the "Scary Go Round" lyric video on the Buck AE Down YouTube channel and read "Picture a Trumpless Void" and Buck's other writing HERE.

Watch the lyric video here:

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