Art of Time Ensemble to Present Gabriel Prokofiev: FROM CHAMBER TO ELECTRONICA, Feb 22-23

The inimitable Art of Time Ensemble kicks off 2013 by fusing the worlds of classical and electronic music together on stage in Gabriel Prokofiev. London DJ and composer Gabriel Prokofiev collaborates with Art of Time Ensemble to continue his grandfather Sergei's legacy of reinventing modern music in this dynamic concert, taking place on February 22 and 23.

Prokofiev, whose compositions embrace and challenge western classical music traditions, is the grandson of legendary Russian composer, Sergei Prokofiev. This original programme unites Prokofiev with Art of Time Ensemble's artistic director Andrew Burashko in an exploration of the future of classical music. These two musical powerhouses have very different backgrounds, and their collaboration results in a diverse and textured program with electronic music layered throughout.

"While Gabriel and I approach classical traditions from different directions, we share The Common goal of preserving classical music while exploring the boundaries of how it's presented," said Burashko. "This show combines acoustic instruments with a laptop and pre-recorded text and instrument samples. It's been a delight to co-curate with Gabriel and to introduce his distinctive sound and style to Toronto audiences."

The performance is made up of four pieces, three of which were composed by Prokofiev himself: String Quartet No. 2; Silente, a dance for five musicians and Prokofiev on laptop; and Outta Pulsor, composed for a live cellist and multiple pre-recorded tracks across eight speakers on stage. In addition, the concert will feature A Man in a Room, Gambling by notEd English composer, Gavin Bryars. A string quartet underscores a pre-recorded text of a man describing various methods of cheating at card games, creating a virtual theatre of the mind. Rounding out the evening is Camera Obscura by Jonathan Goldsmith. Goldsmith, a BAFTA Award-winning Canadian film composer, wrote this lush, beautiful and hauntingly meditative piece exclusively for Art of Time Ensemble. As well, Prokofiev will take to his laptop between each piece to create an original, electronic remix of the work just performed; offering audiences an alternative take on what they've just seen and heard.

Appearing on stage are some of Toronto's most talented musicians, featuring Prokofiev as DJ and Burashko on piano. Benjamin Bowman and Steven Sitarski play violin, Steven Dann plays viola, Thomas Wiebe plays cello, and Robert Carli plays saxophone and clarinet, with Joseph Phillips on double bass, Rob Piltch on guitar and Rick Sacks on percussion.<

Gabriel Prokofiev will be on stage for two nights only at the intimate Enwave Theatre (231 Queens Quay West). Tickets from $25 to $59 are available online at, by phone at 416.973.4000 or in-person at the box office.

Following the February 23 concert, Prokofiev will perform a set at Digital Earth: Evolution at Nocturne (550 Queen St. W.). Digital Earth is an experimental event concept, formulated with the intention of merging electronic music and live music. Prokofiev will bring classical music into the club setting, with his set beginning at 12 a.m.

Director/Conductor: Andrew Burashko

Composers: Gabriel Prokofiev
Gavin Bryars
Jonathan Goldsmith

Musicians: Andrew Burashko Piano
Benjamin Bowman Violin
Robert Carli Saxophone & Clarinet
Steven DAnn Viola
Joseph Phillips Double Bass
Rob Piltch Guitar
Gabriel Prokofiev Laptop
Stephen Sitarski Violin
Thomas Wiebe Cello
Rick Sacks Percussion

Art of Time Ensemble is the creation of renowned classical pianist and Artistic Director Andrew Burashko. Not content to rehash basic classical repertoire, Burashko and Art of Time Ensemble have become known for their daring interaction with the Toronto cultural scene. Now in its thirteenth season, Art of Time Ensemble is one of Canada's most innovative and artistically accomplished music ensembles. Their mandate is to give classical music the contemporary relevance and context it needs to maintain a broader audience to survive. Since its inception, Art of Time has steadily grown in reputation as an ensemble that undertakes and delivers programs that are at once thought-provoking and compelling. Committed to finding new ways of blending classical music with other genres as well as other art forms, each Art of Time program is uniquely different in theme and content. For more information, visit