Workforce Coach Brian Braudis Will Speak about 'How to Manage Stress on the Job' at The National Facilities Management and Technology (NFMT) Conference and Expo

BALTIMORE and OCEANVILLE, N.J., March 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ Stress in the workplace is a major challenge across all generations, cultures and industries. Modern-day stress is especially troublesome because the potential is there to keep you running 24/7 and never turn off.

"Some amount of stress is good at keeping you on your game. The stress that is bad for you is only bad if you are bad at managing it."

"Modern-day stress brings you close to the edge of the cliff and other factors such as lifestyle, self-management and family situations can push you over the edge to complete burn out," said Brian Braudis, author, coach, and founder who provides in-depth understanding of the tenets of good stress and bad stress and how to manage both in a new audiobook, "The Stress Free Manager."

He will speak about How to Manage Stress on the Job at The National Facilities Management and Technology (NFMT) Conference and Expo. It's the largest event dedicated to facilities management in the United States. More than 500 exhibitors and 5,000 attendees will convene in Baltimore on March 20, 2018. Registration is free. Learn more at theNFMT site.

"The key to success without the stress is to be preparedget out ahead of any stressful encounter. Build a reserve of patience, presence and power. Make absolutely certain that you are leading your life and not reacting to life. When you react to life, you give up your power to drive in the direction you choose. If you are not managing your stress then your stress is managing you," he said.

A stress-free manager knows:

  • Persistent and cumulative stress reduces self-control and access to rational thought.
  • To use stress energy as a constructive power rather than destructive.
  • Deescalating doesn't come as natural as getting pumped up.
  • To make stress management a regular practice take time each day to take a break.

"We shape the future by how we act now. Stress management is an investment. You wouldn't think of not preparing for an important client meeting. Prepare for the stress of each day the same way. After all, everyday is high stakes for you," he said.

See Brian's speaker page for NFMT here. See Brian's speaker bio here.

Get the Stress Free Manager audiobook on Amazon.

Brian Braudis is the founder of The Braudis Group, a coaching consultancy. He helps people create lasting improvement for themselves, their teams and all stakeholders. Reach Brian at609-742-9929, email:

Brian Braudis

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