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Internationally recognized upper cervical chiropractic practice strategist and speaker, Dr. Bill Davis has launched an empowering new book titled, Upper Cervical Practice Mastery. After three long years of dedication, this comprehensive resource is now available to the public on Amazon and other fine retailers. This work shares which strategies the world's top upper cervical chiropractors are using to multiply their impact, influence, and income in a digital world. It's an all-inclusive blueprint that helps aspiring chiropractic practice owners, startups, and established practices achieve prosperity on their terms.

When contacted in his Southern California office Dr. Davis said, "Upper Cervical Practice Mastery is for anyone that wants to learn from the top doctors in our profession everything they wish they would've been taught in chiropractic school about how to grow and sustain a thriving practice. We live in an amazing time where there is such an abundance of opportunity. Any chiropractor specializing in the upper neck who desires to help sick and suffering people has a tremendous advantage if they apply the tested and proven principles and processes from the top doctors in the profession."

Dr. Davis went on to say, "A huge problem I see is this. Most doctors don't know what they don't know and those that do know and are applying the strategies in this book are the top 20% of our profession. So many students, new doctors, and established doctors are missing out on bringing hope and healing to a much larger group in their community simply out of ignorance. This is partly because of a lack of business understanding as well as bad advice from supposed gurus. But upper cervical practice is unique. It has unique challenges and opportunities and the doctors that understand this are the ones that are winning. The average practice owner is just not trained how to strategically create value while building strong relationships and a culture of raving fans. If this is done in the right way, it results in a predictable surge of revenue and positive PR. A lot of doctors are trying to succeed with outdated strategies. However, it's not just what you do that determines your success, it's HOW you do it. So much is being left on the table right now."

He also commented, "Upper Cervical Practice Mastery shows established practices, startups, and students how to MAXIMIZE their effectiveness in building and sustaining an extraordinary practice."

Upper Cervical Practice Mastery also teaches:

  • The rock-solid foundation that the top Upper Cervical Doctors in the world have in common that drives their success.
  • The biggest (and dumbest) mistakes to avoid when starting and building an Upper Cervical Practice.
  • A million-dollar nuts and bolts driven plan so you can start from wherever you are and take your practice from nothing to good and from good to great.
  • How to supercharge awareness of Upper Cervical in your community and position yourself as the trusted respected doc that you are.
  • The secrets to attracting consistent new patients from internal referrals, external outreach, and integrated digital strategies.
  • And much more

Among many accomplishments, Dr. Bill Davis is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and upper cervical chiropractor. He has personally worked with 200 upper cervical practices and interviewed nearly 100 of the top upper cervical chiropractors in the world on his popular podcast The Upper Cervical Marketing Podcast. Thousands of upper cervical doctors and millions of potential new patients have viewed his content online.

He further commented, "My mission is to bring hope and healing to sick and suffering people all over the world. This book will help upper cervical chiropractors take their practices to a whole new level. And as their practices become more successful than they will be able to bring hope and healing to more people in their communities who are sick and suffering with the power of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care.

The great thing about upper cervical chiropractic practice is that the doctors who specialize in this unique type of care are positioned to help people that no one else can help. But without a strong business that is flourishing the doctors with this specialized talent are unable to share it with the people that need it the most. The secret is proper positioning and knowing how to stand out in a positive manner. The top upper cervical doctors have perfected this and Upper Cervical Practice Mastery helps others replicate the process.

For more information on Upper Cervical Practice Mastery and to grab a copy (with the limited time launch bonuses that are being offered with today's purchase), visit http://www.uppercervicalpracticemastery.com/launch-bonus/. This book provides the guidance, resources, tools, and know how that build brand equity while increasing profits generated in the process.

Visit http://www.uppercervicalpracticemastery.com to learn more about Dr. Bill Davis and to get the first three chapters of the book free.

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