Three Books by Three Women Authors are Showcased Online This Month

Three Books by Three Women Authors are Showcased Online This Month

Three very different books by three women authors are being showcased online all this month at is owned and operated by Each book is not only written by a woman, it also features a woman as the main character. The three books are:

Accidental Soldier: A Memoir of Service and Sacrifice in the Israel Defense Forces by Dorit Sasson

At age nineteen, Dorit Sasson, a dual American-Israeli citizen, was trying to make the status quo work as a college student?until she realized that if she didn't distance herself from her neurotic, worrywart of a mother, she would become just like her. Accidental Soldier is Sasson's story of how she dropped out of college and volunteered for the Israel Defense Forces in an effort to change her life?and how, in stepping out of her comfort zone and into a war zone, she discovered courage and faith she didn't know she was capable of.

White Medicine Woman by Gladys Swedak
White Medicine Woman is a work of fiction and tells the story of a young white woman named Irene who loses her memory and is adopted by an indian tribe's medicine woman, Magic Dove. Over time, Irene's memory comes back. Unable to return to her former life, Irene becomes a permanent member of the Bear Clan, and is given the name Magic Moon. She learns the ways of her new family and is even given the choice between two of the clan's warriors to take as her husband. But not everyone wants to have a white woman be part of an Indian tribe. When Magic Moon is kidnapped by a Spirit Seer, she must prove her own bravery and find her way back to her clan so she can claim her place as its new White Medicine Woman.

Giulia Goes to War by Joan Leotta
Wartime work draws Giulia DeBartolo out of her close Western Pennsylvania family into a world of intrigue, spies and new friends in Wilmington, North Carolina's shipyard building Liberty ships. Giulia soon discovers supporting the war effort can include fun evenings like dancing with young servicemen at the local USO. It is at one of these dances she meets John O'Shea, an unsuitable suitor according to her old-fashioned parents. As they grapple with the problems of their own budding relationship, John and Giulia encounter a Nazi spy tasked with blowing up part of the Wilmington shipyard. Saving the shipyard from the spy may prove easier than convincing her parents to let her marry John. Giulia must decide what it means to be a good daughter while still following her own heart.

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