SECRET Reveals Espionage and Danger in WW2 London

SECRET Reveals Espionage and Danger in WW2 London

United Kingdom

During the height of the Blitz, the epic climax of the Battle of Britain, a tale of mystery and suspense unfolds amidst the rubble of a bombed-out London. James Haydon's new novel will take readers into an underworld of vice and crime to discover a sinister Secret that will chill them to the bone.

The year is 1941, and Michael James is a struggling lawyer in war-torn London. His father, the eminent and highly regarded physician William James, is to be the recipient of a knighthood but dies of natural causes before he receives the honour. At the funeral Michael is approached by an old man Jonathan Sandpiper who claims to have known his father when they were medical students at the London Hospital, Whitechapel, and knows of a secret his father kept from him. Jonathan relates that Michael will soon find out the truth and that he holds what is left of his life in his hands. Michael's subsequent search to authenticate the truth unwittingly leads him into the world of corruption, trafficking, prostitution and espionage, and while London burns around him he soon finds himself in greater danger than ever before.

Secret is a thrilling tale replete with intrigue and surprise twists set in one of the most harrowing periods of British history. Fans of the mystery and suspense genres will definitely find Haydon's work to be an exciting read that will keep them on the edge of their seats.

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About the Author
James Haydon was born in Blackfriars, London. His works are predominately London based, depicting various epochs and using London as a backdrop for his novels and its ever-changing stages throughout history.

SECRET * by James Haydon
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