Retire Young Retire Rich Available for FREE Download

Retire Young Retire Rich Available for FREE Download

The Rich Dad Company has made Retire Young Retire Rich available for free eBook download beginning today.

Download Retire Young Retire Rich free through August 10 here:

For more than a decade, the Rich Dad Poor Dad personal finance series of books, conferences and apps has empowered tens of millions of people across the globe with the tools and information necessary to gain financial independence. Retire Young Retire Rich explores what it takes, from identifying your motivation to the acquiring the right information and skills, to begin to work less and earn more!

Download Retire Young Retire Rich and examine:

  • The role of "leverage" when planning for early retirement
  • The difference between ordinary, portfolio and passive income
  • The importance of understanding tax laws
  • The value of thoroughly weighing "risks" and taking them
  • How to set the right retirement goals for you
  • How to approach making your retirement plan

"Retire Young Retire Rich chronicles a challenging period in my life - a period of rebuilding, preparing for, and finally living a better future," said Robert Kiyosaki, founder, The Rich Dad Company. "My hope is that the advice and tools, as well as personal revelations that I share in this book will inspire others to build their own plans to achieve the early retirement of their dreams so they may enjoy as much of their lives as possible."

About The Rich Dad Company

The Rich Dad Company was founded in 1997 and is based on Robert Kiyosaki's international best-seller and #1 personal finance book of all time, Rich Dad Poor Dad. Using innovative technology, The Rich Dad Company offers a new way to think about money. Content is delivered via mobile apps, live stream global events, social media, books, seminars, videos, the CASHFLOW board and Web game, blogs and much more. Visit or call us at 800-308-3585, 480-998-6971 outside of the U.S., to begin your journey to financial success.

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