Parenting Press Releases Bargain Books

Parenting Press is cleaning out The Warehouse. Supplies of these titles are limited, so order soon by phoning (800) 992-6657, Ext. 101. Be sure to mention "Icy."

These prices are not available on our web site. Some copies have been used in displays and may have minor scratches on their covers. (No torn pages!) Retail customers only. Shipping and any applicable tax will be added to your order. All sales final. No other discounts or bulk prices apply.

Grounded for Life, oriented to the parents of tweens and young teens. Written by a mother of six with extensive experience in middle schools. Was $14.95, now $2.

Go To Your Room, full of suggestions for squelching dozens of different kinds of unwanted behavior. SO easy to use; indexed by behavior issue. Usually $14.95, now $2.

Understanding Temperament: Strategies for Creating Family Harmony, an excellent look at family dynamics and how to manage each of your inborn traits. Usually $14.95.

On the Wings of a Butterfly: A Story about Life and Death, meant to encourage adults to discuss death with children. Describes a young cancer patient. Beautifully illustrated. Regularly $14.95.

Taking Care of Me (So I Can Take Care of My Children), ideal for young or first-time parents who need help balancing their needs and those of their children. Options for dealing with stress and anger. Usually $11.95.

Using Your Values to Raise Your Child to Be an Adult You Admire, which explains how children's developmental stages, learning styles and temperaments all impact how they learn and demonstrate values. Hardcover, regularly $24.95.<

Mommy, I Have to Go Potty!
Original edition of our popular toilet-training guide by Jan Faull. The new edition has been expanded to include special needs kids, early training, and working with a child care provider, but if you don't need that information, consider this edition, $2 instead of the original $14.95.

Unplugging Power Struggles: Resolving Emotional Battles with Your Kids, Ages 2 to 10, another Faull title. Kids need to feel in control--and so do you! Here's how to avoid, or manage, power struggles. Has been $13.95.

The Way I Feel board book, 18 pages, ideal for child care programs, $2, regularly $7.95. Complementary how-to-draw presentation plan available, appropriate for circle time and feelings units. Previously displayed.

My Grandma Died, a picture book to help very young children understand death and to grieve. By Lory Freeman Britain, who created our ever-popular It's MY Body abuse-prevention picture book for same age group. Usually $7.95, now $2. Very limited supply. Previously displayed.

Kids to the Rescue, first aid how-to's that kids as young as kindergarten can use to call 9-1-1, stop bleeding, and provide emergency care for shock and bite victims. Retail $9.95. Previously displayed.

STAR Parenting Tales and Tools, full of how-to's from the legendary Elizabeth Crary, based on a parenting process she's taught for the past 20 years. New, tiny typo on spine. Regular price: $23.95, now $2.

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