P. E. Zimmerman's MEDUSA'S CAUSE to Launch Ancient Mythology Fiction Trilogy


Imagination and ancient mythology seamlessly interweave in up and coming author P.E. Zimmerman's debut novel, Medusa's Cause. This first book in an epic trilogy will transform the reader's view of a popular legend as it opens the doors to magnificent realms possible only in the most brilliant fiction.

This richly embroidered tale revisits the myth of Medusa. Described as being a snake-haired woman capable of turning men into stone, she is perhaps one of the most infamous and terrifying monsters of Greek mythology. In this retelling, however, Zimmerman puts a unique twist on the well-known story and paints Medusa in a different light.

"I've tried to think outside the box," the author says, "I wanted very much to take the concept of Medusa---who is quite legendary and famous---who is essentially viewed as a monster, a snake haired Gorgon who turned men to stone, and turn her into a somewhat sympathetic character, almost misunderstood, and much maligned."

Demonstrating his exquisite gift for language, Zimmerman transports readers to a vivid world where legends become real and nothing is ever quite what it seems. Immersive and spellbinding, Medusa's Cause is a timeless tale of love that will enthrall readers from beginning to end.

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Writing novels has long been a life's ambition for P. E. Zimmerman. Passionate about art and history from the time he could read, and in particular ancient Greece and Greek mythology, it has always been his dream to parlay that passion into writing novels. Zimmerman is currently working on his two trilogies. He resides in Toronto, Canada.

Medusa's Cause * by P. E. Zimmerman
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