New Book 'He Calleth Thee' is Released

New Book 'He Calleth Thee' is Released

Nairobi, Kenya

Author Robert Eshiomunda Kutswa expounds upon the roles of faith and identity in modern society in his new book, "He Calleth Thee" (published by Partridge Singapore).

Astrid is a modern girl living in Nairobi, Kenya. As she grows up and makes decisions on her own, she often finds herself caught between the demands of her Christian faith and society. Astrid must learn to live a Christian life in spite of society's temptations.

Through his book, Kutswa aims to communicate his theme that Christianity will always triumph over evil. He hopes his book will spread God's message to all readers.

"I wanted to share some inspiration on the identity and the craftiness of the devil by which many Christians have found themselves bewildered by what is happening around them," writes Kutswa. "In the midst of affliction, God always calls us out to his side for rescue and preservation."

An excerpt from "He Calleth Thee":

"She was looking at her bedroom ceiling as she continued to slowly get her eyes accustomed to the daylight dimly flooding her bedroom. What inspiration could come in from above to motivate her day?. Her eyes trying to keep open she wondered if she was free or a slave? Could she choose whether to oversleep, then call the office and take an excuse for a day off?"

"He Calleth Thee"
By Robert Eshiomunda Kutswa
Softcover | 8.25 x 11 in | 244 pages | ISBN 9781482896190
E-Book | 244 pages | ISBN 9781482892857
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author
Robert Kutswa is a believer and has been a born again Christian for the last 17 years. He has lived in the Middle East doing business and assisting in church administration.

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