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CONCORD, Calif., Dec. 22, 2017 /PRNewswire/ ChristyMattoon, a two-time number-one best-selling author and expert on subconscious change created the Mind Rewire program after years of battling weight gain and auto-immune issues herself. Not finding solutions with traditional medicine,Mattoonstudied the causes and effects of stress on the body and practiced various methods of whole-body healing in-depth. Along the way, she lost more than 150 lbs and regained her vitality.

The rate of tragedy and devastating events in the world today are overwhelming. For many people, the anxiety and issues created because of these events can be paralyzing. The symptoms everything from job and relationship burn out to depression and autoimmune illnesses can be devastating. They can last a lifetime if not addressed.

Mattoonsays,"This world has gotten crazy. Fromdisasters to health issues,you are practicing something that will cause you overwhelm or peace.What are you practicing?"

Now, an expert in subconscious change has created a website that offers help. The site, http://MindRewire.com, offers online self-paced training programs that break old patterns and develop tools for subconscious change.

"After only two sessions I can honestly say I feel like major change has occurred. I also feel better equipped when triggered then I maybe ever have. Christy is someone I instantly trusted and felt comfortable with, which in my opinion, is half the battle in getting help from someone," said Noel from Washington.

"If you eat poison your body will respond. Ifyouthink negative thoughtsyour body will respond. When you get these 2 things right- life simplychangesClean out the storage locker- the body and organs- the brain and subconscious.We are looking for the original blueprint, to restore health permanently," assertsMattoonwhen talking about wellness and subconscious change.

Her mission is to teach people how easy it is to change. Change the subconscious mind and the state of health with a quick, effective strategies that anyone can master. Mattoon believes that the brain is a powerful tool and critical to reaching our full potential.

The Mind Rewire course is open to anyone and recommended to everyone wanting to make significant steps forward in their lives, whether that occurs in a personal, career, health, or relationship focused area. Mattoon also offers a free 30-minute session that gives you an opportunity to understand why subconscious change is different and how it can help you achieve what you want from life.

More information on the training program and the free session is available on the website: http://MindRewire.com

About Christy Mattoon and Mind Rewire

After losing more than 150 pounds and healing her autoimmune diseases, Christy Mattoon became a certified personal trainer and certified nutritional adviser. Her group fitness programs were wildly successful and included strength, mindset, visualization, and breathing techniques.

Today, Mattoon is an Energy Psychology practitioner with an amazing grasp of helping people change. Her experience and many certifications in mind-body work, make Christy a master at subconscious change. As the CEO of Mind Rewire LLC Mattoon delivers practical, easy-to-follow training and presentations online, from the stage, and to small groups.

MindRewire.com was created to reach as many people as possible, and help them on their path to wellness. Mattoon helps people destroy the barriers created from their own limiting beliefs so that they can achieve the abundant life they were meant to have.

Call for an experienced Energy Psychology practitioner who is an expert in subconscious change and eliminating autoimmune issuesto speak and discuss ways to relieve subconscious stressthat can keep people in lifelong issues and illness if not addressed.

The topics Christy Mattoon can cover:

  • Recovery from Autoimmune Illness
  • What is Energy Psychology?
  • The five advantages of Releasing Subconscious Stress
  • The fastest Subconscious Change and ReleaseTechnique
  • The three previously unknown ways to avoid Autoimmune issues

For more information, please contact:
Christy Mattoon at 303-960-5903 or Christy@mindrewire.com

Subconscious change -https://youtu.be/YNZcV8VpxaE
Autoimmunehealth -https://youtu.be/kCS_fngJ2VA

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