Michael Kannengieser Releases Paranormal Horror Story in BURNING BLUE

Michael Kannengieser Releases Paranormal Horror Story in BURNING BLUE

Decent Hill is proud to once again present retired NYPD officer Michael J. Kannengieser, New York native and author of the critically acclaimed police thriller The Daddy Rock and of the new paranormal police horror novel Burning Blue (Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-936085-74-3; Paperback ISBN: 978-1-936085-72-9; eBook ISBN: 978-1-936085-73-6). Burning Blue delivers a wild, unpredictable, and scary ride that promises to keep the reader turning the pages well into the night.

Set for release on November 4th 2013, Burning Blue will be available in hardcover, paperback and in all common eBook format at fine retailers such as Amazon, Powell's, Barnes and Noble, Apple iBooks, Kindle, Nook, Adobe Digital Editions ePub, and many more. A special pre-release sale of all editions of Burning Blue is currently ongoing at the publisher's website.

In Burning Blue, Jack Chase is a cop who betrayed his badge when he took money from a drug dealer. Only his late father's legacy as a department chaplain might prevent him from being prosecuted. When Jack is shot in the line of duty, he has a near-death experience. What he does not see, however, are deceased loved ones or Pearly Gates - he goes to Hell, literally.

When Jack awakens, the woman he loves, Terry, discovers his crime and leaves him. Jack is haunted by images of Hell and demons taunt him in both his dreams and while he is awake. He knows from his father's sermons that redemption is the only way to escape damnation, but he is afraid to confess his sins or go to jail. Not only must he escape the nightmarish images that haunt him, he must make Terry trust him again and bring her back. Jack's friend, Danny, devises a plan to help him avoid jail and hide from the drug dealers that are looking for him.

In this dark, paranormal horror story, Jack must fight to save his life, redeem his soul, and reunite with the love of his life. "What stands out for me in Burning Blue is the theme of redemption," says author Kannengieser in a pre-release interview with Decent Hill. "I always try to have an overriding theme in my books. In The Daddy Rock, the overall theme is forgiveness. In Burning Blue, Jack Chase has done something wrong, and he seeks forgiveness for his sin, his legal troubles, and also redemption for his very soul."

Michael J. Kannengieser is a retired New York City police officer who lives on Long Island with his wife and two children. He worked as the Managing Editor for Fiction at The View from Here magazine, a U.K. based literary publication. Currently, he is employed at a performing arts college as an Instructional Technology Administrator. He has been published at The View from Here, and in Newsday, a Long Island newspaper. He speaks as a guest lecturer on campus.

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Burning Blue is an interesting horror-mystery. The horror element is very real, too. There is a sense of police procedural to it. I like the way author Michael Kannengieser combines the two genres. The taste we get-and the descriptions are pretty good, if brief-keeps Burning Blue safe for non-horror mystery fans to enjoy the ride. Burning Blue is a damned good ride (pun intended). - Tom Sanchez, GoodReads.