Lisa Umina's Halo Publishing International Offers Option for Self-Publishers


Lisa Umina, founder and president of Halo Publishing International (HPI), has made helping others a priority in her life. In fact, her award-winning children's book, Milo and the Green Wagon, used stories drawn from her childhood experiences helping people in need, and this attribute remains evident today at Halo - where charity is a cornerstone of the company.

Lisa is a regular guest on regional and national television and radio and has been the subject of numerous print articles. She is not only recognized for her work as the award-winning author of the Milo series of children's books, but as a literary consultant and motivational speaker. Lisa travels extensively to promote her publishing company and uses her books to expose children to positive values and teach them important life lessons.

HPI specializes in designing, producing, publishing and marketing books for independent authors, making the whole process of getting a book into print far less intimidating and overwhelming. With offices in the U.S. and Mexico, they literally take the book from print to finding potential buyers. This is what sets them apart from other publishers; they believe their job is not complete until they have provided every author with an all-encompassing publishing solution that includes an essential marketing component.

Halo Publishing greatly benefits cultures and society as a whole by strengthening the movement of words across international borders with books that are available in many languages. HPI prides itself on not just being an innovative publishing company - but more a community that passionately believes in its authors and in taking their message to a worldwide audience.

It's evident that giving to others is at the heart of Halo; every year the company donates books, clothing, food and money to local and international organizations, and Lisa and her employees also volunteer their time to an orphanage in Mexico. Who knows, maybe these enriching experiences will inspire another story...

With eleven years of experience as an author and publisher under her belt, Lisa is more than equipped to handle all writers, regardless of accomplishments or experience, and is dedicated to providing the highest level of professional publishing services - with a personal touch.

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