Kunal Metha Releases DISRUPTORS

Disruptors, a book by Kunal Metha, reveals the early struggles and failures of extremely successful entrepreneurs who left Corporate America behind and are now the faces of companies like Pinterest, LearnVest, Foursquare, Dwolla, charity:water and many more.

This book describes how these individuals have taken challenges, adversity, and at times financial ruin, and used these hurdles as catalysts for success. The anecdotes in the story show how anyone with the right amount of perseverance and passion can become a successful entrepreneur.

Disruptors is an ideal read for people who are dissatisfied with their current jobs, those looking for new opportunities and even college students or recent graduates because according to Kunal, "There are far too many people flocking to accept corporate jobs without a full understanding of what their job will entail. It is important to ask the hard questions so that an aspiring entrepreneur can have a chance to succeed."To Metha, corporate America is not always the answer, and learning what truly motivates you now is far more important than just "getting a job." Distruptors is full of examples of people who were able to make that transitions and who are willing to share their stories so that others can do what they have done.

Brad Feld, Venture Capitalist at Foundry Group, and book contributor, speaks of the Disruptors philosophy, "As Yoda once said, 'Do or do not, there is no try.' If you are in a corporate job and want to leave, you are not yet an entrepreneur so don't pretend you are one. If you are ready to be an entrepreneur, quit the corporate job and go after creating the business and product you are obsessed about."