Jack R. Lundbom's JEREMIAH AMONG THE PROPHETS Due for Release Today


Jeremiah Among the Prophets by Jack R. Lundbom is due for release today, March 28, 2013.

It is clear that Jack R. Lundbom knows his chosen prophet and text well, despite abstaining from technical discussions and citations of Hebrew with the aim of providing easy access to the subject. Lunbom is the author of a three-volume work on Jeremiah, and has previously used the prophet as the basis for a study in ancient Hebrew rhetoric. Here he introduces his subject to the student and general reader in the hope of sparking further interest in Jeremiah, the Hebrew prophets, and the Old Testament as a whole.

Lundbom examines Jeremiah's Call and Commission, follows his trials and tribulations, and considers the closing colophon in a thorough, verse-by-verse analysis. Traditional parallels between Jeremiah and Moses are established early-on, with Lunbom making the often-overlooked suggestion that Jeremiah could easily have known of the call and life of Moses through the priests in his childhood village of Anathoth. Throughout the book, further insightful correlations are made, and with them a deeper understanding of shared human emotions is gained.

Fear, trembling and hesitation, but also joy and gladness are the emotions of those called by God throughout the Old and New Testaments. Lunbom explores these as he expounds the text of Jeremiah introducing the reader not to a long-dead, emotionally distant prophet, but to a man facing all the personal and emotional challenges of those still called by God today.

About the Author: Jack R. Lundbom is currently Distinguished Visiting Scholar at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, Evanston, Illinois. He is author of Jeremiah: A Study in Ancient Hebrew Rhetoric (1975; 1997), a three-volume Jeremiah in the Anchor Bible Commentary series (1999; 2004), and a Deuteronomy commentary (2013).

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