Five years in the making, The Bioweapon Series is independent author, J. K. Bowden's first publication and is already making ripples in the literary world. 'New Beginnings' has left readers across the globe desperately awaiting the second installment, which Bowden has promised to deliver towards the latter half of the year.

Meanwhile, those who have read the first novel, which is as much a social commentary as it is a gripping fiction tale, have been left questioning how much of what has been predicted within the text might come to pass in our own world. Much like Orwell's 1984, Bowden has used the rarely explored dystopian style of fiction to raise questions about technology, the internet, freedom, peace and the systems of control that often dictate our actions and beliefs, in order to raise awareness and questions in the face of a rapidly changing global sociopolitical climate.

"Bowden has a keen grasp of social influences shown in his integration of many cultural responses to the world his novel displays such as: political and cultural impacts within the Middle East, India, Australia and America; wide spreading views on the nature of education and complacency; and the realities of being a 'freedom fighter.'" - Fantascize

Furthermore, his attention to deeper themes of psychology and spirituality have set the series apart from others within the genre. As one review has stated "A lot of interesting ideas about spirituality, mysticism and other bohemian-type ideals are sprinkled throughout, and are well grounded within the main story, giving the whole tale a special resonance." - Amazon

The second novel, Deliverance, is set to be even more gripping and raise further questions in the mind's of readers, while the first has already received glowing reviews where attentions have landed upon it. Bowden promises he has much more in store for those following, and has already begun to leak chapters, character profiles and short stories on his personal website (jkbowden.net) throughout the development of this series and his other projects.

New Beginnings is available now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and available for review and commercial purchase via Xlibris.