'Headcase' Crime Thriller by Marc Rosenberg is Released

'Headcase' Crime Thriller by Marc Rosenberg is Released

New York

A twisted crime thriller of loss, betrayal and violence, "Headcase," tells the story of Detective Ash Aiken, a burned out cop, one of the city's finest, who is reinstated to lead the hunt for a psychopathic killer.

Saddled with a dishonest partner and the memory of his wife and boy walking out on him, Detective Aiken looks to balance his life and search for answers with the help of a private investigator, who is targeted for death by a vengeful crime boss.

As the killer continues his deadly rampage, he falls under the allure of a reserved young woman. Tormented by her own bitter past, she is determined to build a new life, regardless of any collateral damage.

"'Headcase' offers an entertaining yet unnerving ride with characters that everyone can relate to in some fashion," author Marc Rosenberg said. "It is a fresh and succinct story for those looking to escape through a great read."

Although fiction, Rosenberg's "Headcase" mirrors many of his personal sentiments and beliefs regarding relationships and the duality of people's personalities.

A reflection on how the different sides of human nature react under heightened pressure and difficult circumstances, "Headcase" highlights Rosenberg's desire to explore issues and topics that impacted the lives of people around him.

"Broken lives collide against a harsh cityscape in this haunting tale of duplicity," Rosenberg said. "It really shows, that given the opportunity, people will almost always show their bad side."

By: Marc Rosenberg
ISBN: 978-1-4834-0228-4
Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Lulu

About the author
Executive Producer of Lost Highway Films, author Marc Rosenberg has spent three decades in the film industry. Producing dozens of TV commercials, corporate films, music videos, network pilots, promos and infomercials, Rosenberg's experience has earned him a multitude of Clio and Andy Awards. "Headcase" is his first crime novel.