'Hardheaded & Softhearted: Lessons from the Boardroom to the Break Room' is Released

New book "Hardheaded & Softhearted: Lessons from the Boardroom to the Break Room" (Brown Books Publishing Group) by Rick Belluzzo and Krish Dhanam provides business executives with a leadership primer to connect the head and the heart.

Their twenty-one "Principles of Success" is the result of their combined experience with companies, consolidating their wisdom in capsule form: where IQ meets EQ, quality of life results.

The core principle--where IQ meets EQ-as highlighted throughout "Hardheaded & Softhearted," emphasizes that the twenty-first century will no longer allow an "either/or" approach but demands an "and/also" approach.

"Achieving long-term and sustained success in any endeavor requires the combination of delivering results--being hardheaded--and all of the human elements--being softhearted," say co-authors Belluzzo and Dhanam.

"Throughout life, we are confronted with these two elements, and success requires balance and optimization by achieving results while also sustaining the future."

Rick Belluzzo developed his understanding of leading with the head and the heart throughout his thirty-six-year career in the technology industry, most of it building innovative new product categories and leading companies such as Quantum Corporation, Microsoft, and Hewlett-Packard through change. He credits his international business experience with recognizing the fact that corporate strategy succeeds best when combined with relationship and cultural values.

For Krish Dhanam, winning a sales contest earned him a ticket to a seminar by the legendary motivator Zig Ziglar, founder of the Ziglar Corporation, which Dhanam later joined and became a vice president of global operations. As one of two executive coaches trained by Ziglar, he has delivered his own message of hope, humor, and balance to a who's who of global enterprise, including EDS, Texas Instruments, Pepsico, and Christian Dior.

"Hardheaded & Softhearted" makes the case that running a successful business requires IQ and EQ (emotional intelligence) because decisions affect people. As noted by syndicated business book reviewer, Jim Pawlak, "[w]ith a business world where change is the new normal, you need EQ and IQ to prosper. EQ allows you to find ways to sell change that's imposed from the outside. IQ helps you foster change from within by encouraging nontraditional ideas and challenging conventional wisdom.Often, change comes in the form of crisis. When crisis hits, some companies respond by belt-tightening and hunkering down. The authors say a "good crisis is a terrible opportunity to waste."

Pawlak further highlights that to capitalize on a crisis, you must answer three questions:

1. "What can you do to take advantage of disruptions if you have no limitations?" The answer helps you identify possibilities.
2. "What are the barriers that keep you from acting?" While some are tangible (i.e. money, skills), fear of failure is emotional.
3. "Are the barriers really insurmountable?" Think about how you can remove them and who and what you'll need to achieve.

"Hardheaded and Softhearted" presents a set of values with a contemporary application that has been tested and validated in corporate and social settings globally. The purpose is to aid today's professionals in designing and defining their success arsenal to address the transition and turbulence in today's business environment.

With information that can be readily translated literally and culturally, this leadership primer addresses the changing face of a global populace that interacts daily.

In both, "we often see leaders pursue either end of the spectrum and miss the power of finding solutions to tough problems where head and heart come together," says Belluzzo. He further adds, "All of us face the challenges of navigating a path through an ever more complex and rapidly changing world; we must always strive to find the right balance between the head and heart--success and satisfaction will follow."

Books are available online and in bookstores.

To learn more, visit: http://www.SkyLifeSuccess.com.

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