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Bestselling Author Gabrielle Glancy Helps Students Get UNSTUCK And Write Their Way Into College

Bestselling Author Gabrielle Glancy Helps Students Get UNSTUCK And Write Their Way Into College

In something of a sequel to her acclaimed book The Art of the College Essay, her latest book UNSTUCK, out September 1, concentrates its focus on the critical, and often terrifying, juncture in which a writer comes face to face with a blank page.

In this forthcoming book, bestselling author Gabrielle Glancy zooms in on this particular moment and offers solutions to help students break through their blocks, find their voices, and get into the school(s) of their dreams - the honest way.

Tasked with writing the most important essay of their lives in a form they have never learned, high school students are particularly vulnerable to that which shall not be named - Glancy's term for the befuddlement, anxiety and paralysis of writer's block.

UNSTUCK is the first book out there that focuses on what Glancy has termed the 'inner game' of writing.

As such, she addresses the challenges of writing from the inside out, showing readers how to make use of relaxed concentration and how to quiet the thinking mind so the more intuitive, creative genius can find its voice. Glancy provides students with the concrete and practical solutions - rather than hackneyed formulas - for cracking through the distinct blocks all writers face.

"My new book UNSTUCK offers hope to even the most intractable case of that which shall not be named," remarks Glancy, who often describes herself as 'more like a shaman than a college counselor.'

Glancy's style is readable, funny and smart. In UNSTUCK, she marries this with her exploration of the writing process and its challenges, and offers real-world solutions to students - or any writer - at a crossroads.

In both trenchant and amusing prose, she explores the experience and the roots of writer's block, shows writers how to open channels to their creativity and get into 'the zone,' and helps them unlearn the habits and formulas that keep them unstuck in the first place.

Glancy takes time to demystify the process of writing by incorporating and making use of its mysteries, and offers sensible everyday solutions and advice with a spiritual twist - including exercises and annotated, sample winning college application essays.

In this new book, Gabrielle Glancy once again takes the anxiety out of the college admissions essay-writing process and replaces it with a completely organic, common sense way of getting to the heart of what one is trying to say.

At once memoir, philosophical exploration and practical guide for students writing their college application essays UNSTUCK offers water in the desert, escape hatches where there seems to be no way out, and tricks of the trade. This little gem of a book is the light at the end of the tunnel for anyone doing battle with the blank page.

Writer, Independent College Counselor and Former Admissions Director Gabrielle Glancy is a Writing Guru who has taken thousands of students successfully and relatively painlessly through the process of writing the single most important essay of their lives. Founder and Director of New Vision Learning, Series Editor of Best College Essays, and avid Blogger, Gabrielle Glancy is a widely published writer who has been featured in The New Yorker, USA Today, The American Poetry Review, and NPR.

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