A Dark Romance 'The Hideaway' by Author Mary R. Theriot Combines Suspense, Mystery and Romance

A Dark Romance 'The Hideaway' by Author Mary R. Theriot Combines Suspense, Mystery and Romance

Hope, Louisiana is a small, peaceful town. Its residents never lock their doors at night, and everyone knows their neighbors. All that is about to change, however, when the bodies of several missing local women are discovered, mutilated and murdered. Suddenly the town finds itself caught up in the terrifying grip of the monster hiding among them. No one knows who will disappear next and everyone is living in fear for their lives.

Detective Jordan Sanders is called to the scene of the first discovery. She finds herself wondering if this will be the last of the bodies, and is deeply disturbed when she realizes that it isn’t. Determined to catch the killer, the beautiful and brilliant Detective Sanders doesn’t realize that she may not be the only one hunting. The killer has learned that she’s the one after him, and has decided to make her his next victim. All he has to do is wait for the perfect opportunity to make his move…

The FBI has sent Agent Alex Hamilton to Hope to assist the police force in the investigation. Experienced at catching killers, Agent Hamilton expects the case to be wrapped up quickly. What he does not expect, however, is to fall for Detective Sanders the moment he arrives in town. When he realizes that she may be next on the killer’s list, Agent Hamilton knows he has to catch the murderer before he can catch Detective Sanders. Readers will be on The Edge of their seat to reach the thrilling conclusion of The Hideaway, now available in eBook format for readers everywhere.

Mary Reason Theriot

Louisiana-native, Mary Reason Theriot has lived in various states with her husband’s United States Coast Guard career. Until being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2001, she worked in the legal field. Encouraged to write by her youngest child, she calls writing “great therapy for my own personal fight against MS.” The Hideway is her debut novel.

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