BWW Interview: Todd Fuller talks about "IT SHOULDA BEEN YOU"

BWW Interview: Todd Fuller talks about

Todd Fuller discusses the play "It Shoulda Been You" and his connection with a wonderful cast, fun at O'Connell & Company ... and how he wants Roger to call him!

MCL: The show is called "It Shoulda Been You" ... What is the show about?

TF: It's a musical comedy set on the day of a wedding between two cultures; a Catholic groom and a Jewish bride. It follows the two families as they prepare for the big day. It all takes place in a hotel, with a zany 13-person cast of family, friends, and a hotel staff second to none. Think Noises off! meets Father of the Bride, with catchy tunes.

MCL: Who is your character and why did you want to play him?

TF: I play George, the father of the groom. The first answer to why is, of course, because MaryKate asked me to. I've learned not to turn down gifts such as this when they are presented to me. The chance to work with her and the celestial Pam Rose Mangus; and to get to sing with them too???? Sign me up, no matter what the project. The fact that it's in a super fun show with a fabulous rest of the cast is icing on the wedding cake.

MCL: It has a talented cast ... Please talk a little about each cast member and their character

TF:Nothing would make me happier. This is a special, special group. Leading us is our sister of the bride, Sara Kovacsi. Her song "Jenny's Blues" is a showstopper every night. Dan Urtz plays Marty the family friend intent on stopping the wedding. He's so adorable that if you aren't moved when he sings "Whatever" towards the show's end, you must've voted for Trump. Pam Mangus and MaryKate O'Connell play the mother of the bride and groom, respectively. And a better casting couldn't be imagined. The show might as well have been written specifically for theM. Adam Hayes and Heather Reed play the happy couple and Matt Mooney and Rebecca Runge play the best man and maid of honor. The hilarious and constantly active (seriously they are always moving something on or off stage) hotel staff are played magnificently by Joey Bucheker, Emily Pici and the hilarious Greg Gjurich. Bill Group and I round out the cast as the henpecked husbands to Pam and Marykate.

MCL:Roger Paolini as director must be exciting. What's the experience been working with him?

TF:Roger is a sweetheart. For a show that is so fast paced, working with him was incredibly calming. Nothing bothered him, and he seemed (amid the natural chaos of a show with this many moving pieces) to always have things well under control. I'd work for him again in a heartbeat. No, seriously Roger, call me!

MCL: You've worked with O'Connell & Co in the past. What keeps you coming back?

TF: In a word, MaryKate. When she calls, unless you just happen to enjoy regret, you come running. There are a few people in town that, when you spend time with them, you just feel connected to the history of Buffalo theater. She's definitely one of those. There's a reason her name is cemented into the street of the Theatre District. She's just the best. I make it a point to stand in the wings and watch her big number every night. It's my favorite part of the show, by far.

MCL: The final two weekends coming up ... Why should people see this show?

TF: Marykate! But there are so many other highlights: the fun title number, the showdown in the salon between our two divas, the hilarious wedding toast song sung by Matt Mooney and Rebecca Runge (Think Michael Buble, Josh Groban, Celine Dion and Kelly Clarkson all thrown into a hilarious blender). Oh! And there's quite a fun twist. All in all, it's just a fun 2 hours of classic musical comedy with a modern take. The songs are catchy, the dancing is fun. It really is the proverbial "You'll Laugh, You'll Cry" show; you'll definitely laugh, and you'll probably shed a tear or two.

MCL: Finally ... What's up next for O'Connell & Co.?

TF: Next up will be "The Cemetery Club", a comedy by Ivan Menchell. It tells the story of 3 women who meet once a month at their husbands' gravesights. Sounds like comedy gold, huh? Seriously though, it's a rib tickler and not to be missed. It opens on April 20th and runs through May 21st.


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