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BWW Interview: Michael J. Starzynski

BWW Interview: Michael J. Starzynski

Michael J. Starzynski is not only one of Buffalo's most talented and respected actors he is also one of Buffalo's all around nice guys.

He keeps busy but gave me some time to answer a few questions.


Nice guy!

MCL: Where were you born and raised?

MJS: Born and raised in Buffalo - In the same house my father was born and raised in, until I bought my own home.

MCL: When did theater start for you? What was the first Play you performed in?

MJS: Picture it, basement of St. Patrick's school, 1972 - For my kindergarten graduation, I was the narrator of "The Three Bears' - My classmates were in cardboard character cutouts - As I began, I saw the look of terror in their eyes. When it came time for them to speak, there was silence! So, I went behind them and spoke in different voices for each character. They soon warmed up and finished on their own. In the audience that day was my grandmother - I still remember making her smile and hearing her giggle - That and my first standing ovation had me hooked.

MCL: What was the first role you did when you realized you had to act?

MJS: There were some grammar school concerts through the years, but attending the Performing Arts High School in Buffalo, I played Teddy Brewster in "Arsenic and Old Lace" as a freshman.

MCL: What are some of your favorite roles?

MJS: It's like asking a parent which of their children is their favorite! Every single role I have played is a part of me.

MCL: What roles haven't you done that you want to?

MJS: One that is written especially for me - A role that other actors aspire to play.

MCL: You are involved with Alleyway Theatre's The Buffalo Quickies. You've done many over the years. What are The Quickies? Why do you enjoy doing them?

What can people expect?

MJS: Quickies are an actor's dream - Within the span of 90 minutes, you are challenged to find the right physical and vocal qualities needed to create 2-4 different characters telling different stories. Throw in having only 45 seconds to one minute and a half (tops), to leave one character and re-emerge as a new one, after changing costume, voice, and story and you have a formula for Quickies. Oh, yeah, you have to move sets and props as well.

MCL: Your favorite part of acting is?

MJS: Opening night.

MCL: Your least favorite?

MJS:First time off book.

MCL: Time to promote ... What's coming up for you in 2019?

MJS: The Ten Minute Play Festival at Rust Belt Books in May.

James Marzo play directed by John Elston.


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