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The one thing that you notice when you go to a production at Idaho Shakespeare Festival is that you get a chance to examine the set. There are no curtains, just an open stage.

For this production of DEATHTRAP, you notice that it is a home. Maybe a summer or winter home, but definitely someone's house. The walls are covered from floor to ceiling with weaponry: guns, knives, swords. It reminded me of the museum at the Tower of London. The Scenic Designer is Russell Metheny.

The story is about a playwright, Sidney Bruhl, who writes suspenseful thrillers. We come to know that one of his students, Clifford Anderson attended a seminar given by Sidney, and the student wrote a script off of one of Sidney's outlined ideas presented in the seminar. What will the teacher do about the student?Isn't that plagiarism of a sort? How can he let this happen? You will have to come to the play to find out the results.

This play, DEATHTRAP, is a thriller itself, as well. There are twists and turns, many are very surprising. It is set in the 1970's by the costumes, which I felt were wonderful. The costume designer for this production is Alex Jaeger.

The entire production team needs to give themselves a pat on the back. The production was wonderful and a great way to spend the evening with friends.

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