Unpopular Opinions You Hold

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Unpopular Opinions You Hold#1
Posted: 1/2/09 at 11:02pm
New thread. I was going to post on the old one, but it disappeared.

I honestly don't like Ethel Merman's voice. It doesn't float my boat.
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re: Unpopular Opinions You Hold#2
Posted: 1/2/09 at 11:05pm
I think Eden Espinosa will ruin Hair with her American Idol-style riffing that she insists on using when she sings.
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re: Unpopular Opinions You Hold#2
Posted: 1/2/09 at 11:56pm
I liked Cry Baby
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re: Unpopular Opinions You Hold#3
Posted: 1/2/09 at 11:58pm
I like Cats.
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re: Unpopular Opinions You Hold#4
Posted: 1/2/09 at 11:58pm
I too like CATS, seen it twice.
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re: Unpopular Opinions You Hold#5
Posted: 1/2/09 at 11:59pm
I like Cosette.
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re: Unpopular Opinions You Hold#6
Posted: 1/3/09 at 12:04am
I didn't enjoy the Lion King (musical, not movie).
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re: Unpopular Opinions You Hold#7
Posted: 1/3/09 at 12:06am
I don't care about anyone's spelling or grammar on this board.
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re: Unpopular Opinions You Hold#8
Posted: 1/3/09 at 12:19am
I like Cosette too!
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re: Unpopular Opinions You Hold#9
Posted: 1/3/09 at 12:20am
I think Jersey Boys was boring....
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re: Unpopular Opinions You Hold#10
Posted: 1/3/09 at 12:22am
I loved rent.

I saw the dvd of sunday in the park with george and shut it off after the first act becausie I got SO board.

The marquee for shrek is pretty cool.

My god I can NOT STAND LIZA (As a performer)

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re: Unpopular Opinions You Hold#11
Posted: 1/3/09 at 2:48am
I LOVE "A Tale of Two Cities"...and, of course, James Barbour...
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re: Unpopular Opinions You Hold#12
Posted: 1/3/09 at 2:52am
ALW being overrated is not an unpopular opinion re: Unpopular Opinions You Hold

You're reminding me of people you hear at the movies asking questions every ten seconds, "Who is that? Why is that guy walking down the street? Who's that lady coming up to him? Uh-oh, why did that car go by? Why is it so dark in this theater?" - FindingNamo on strummergirl

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re: Unpopular Opinions You Hold#13
Posted: 1/3/09 at 2:57am
Some agreements:
Hate ALW
Hate Rent
Don't get the hubbub over Liza
Adore Cats (but I was only 15!)

Was bored beyond words, complete with eye rolls during CURTAINS.

Love Spring Awakening

Thought Hamlet 2 was among the worst movies I ever wasted money on.

NOT a LuPone fan; nor did I love Gypsy.

I didn't think Xanadu was incredible. (fun, yes)

If we're not having fun, then why are we doing it? These are DISCUSSION boards, not mutual admiration boards. Discussion only occurs when we are willing to hear what others are thinking, regardless of whether it is alignment to our own thoughts.
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re: Unpopular Opinions You Hold#14
Posted: 1/3/09 at 3:22am
The national tour of The Phantom of the Opera was horrible.
"You have two kinds of shows on Broadway revivals and the same kind of musicals over and over again, all spectacles. You get your tickets for The Lion King a year in advance, and essentially a family... pass on to their children the idea that that's what the theater is a spectacular musical you see once a year, a stage version of a movie. It has nothing to do with theater at all. It has to do with seeing what is familiar.... I don't think the theatre will die per se, but it's never going to be what it was.... It's a tourist attraction." Stephen Sondheim
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re: Unpopular Opinions You Hold#15
Posted: 1/3/09 at 3:24am
- hated MAMMA MIA! (movie, never seen the show)

- hated HAIRSPRAY (the recent movie; love the original)

- Meryl's performance in DOUBT was one of her worst, or at the very least not one of her best by far

- WALL-E is overrated and not Best Picture material, but enjoyable enough; RATATOUILLE was better in every aspect

- that said, I prefer traditional 2-D animation and think Disney should go back to their roots (i.e. animated musicals)

- can't stand the singing voices of Ethel Merman, Carol Channing, Gwen Verdon and Chita Rivera

- don't understand the "stagedooring" phenomenon

- I go see a show for the show itself, not because of who's in it (this applies to movies as well)

- I approve the added Spanish in the WSS revival

- speaking of which, I prefer the "Gee, Officer Krupke"/"Cool" switch in the movie, as well as the inclusion of the Sharks in "America"

- I don't mind if Barbour gets a Tony nom; honor the artist, not the person I say

- I don't think the 3 kids in BILLY ELLIOT should share a nomination and possible win; give them a special Tony if you have to

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re: Unpopular Opinions You Hold#16
Posted: 1/3/09 at 3:35am
I almost left at Intermission for "Light in the Piazza" it is one of the most boring musicals of all times.

I saw Liza at the Palace, and wished I had seen Shrek the Musical instead.

I think Sunday should have won best revival.

I am not excited about Hair at all.

I think Merrily We Roll is a fantastic musical.

I liked Doubt(Movie) more than Frost/Nixon(Movie)

I hate Kiss Me Kate
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re: Unpopular Opinions You Hold#17
Posted: 1/3/09 at 3:51am
I love Cats. It's not THAT bad.

I have no clue why, but I kinda sorta like HSM a little (don't hurt me!!)

I don't know if this is unpopular or not, but I think that instead of making regular movies for musicals, they should just film a live performance on B'way so that people who can't go to see musicals on stage can at least have the experience.

Spelling and grammar on the message boards don't bother me at all.

I like the song 'Barbie Girl' by Aqua

Twilight is dead (until the New Moon movie comes out)

This is just an opinion: The Nederlander Theatre looks sad without any RENT signs.

I love Hitler's little mustache :p

Disney musicals are very odd looking on stage because they were originally cartoons. For example: Beauty and the Beast. Nobody should ever have to dress up as a candle stick. But Shrek is fine.

There should've been a sequel to Cats called Dogs. re: Unpopular Opinions You Hold

Other Opinion: I have too many opinions (the above is not all of them.)

"My two best friends are Liza Minelli and a tomato." - Penelope (SNL)
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re: Unpopular Opinions You Hold#18
Posted: 1/3/09 at 4:47am
I have virtually nothing good to say about Dividing the Estate.
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re: Unpopular Opinions You Hold#19
Posted: 1/3/09 at 5:18am
Loved "Cats"....and "Aspects of Love" as well. And the version of "Joseph" with Maria Friedman, Donny Osmond and Joan Collins is terrific.

Thought "High Fidelity" closed too soon. It was better than "Wedding Singer", which lasted a year.

"30/90" is the best song Jonathan Larson ever wrote...

"In His Eyes" and "Who Will Love Me As I Am" are two of the best songs ever written for two women on stage...

I don't believe Sondheim is overrated; I think he is the genius of the 20th Century. But I think any theory which starts out "Here's How to Save Broadway...." and then brings up a Sondheim musical is silly, since for the most part his musicals simply don't appeal to the general public. You can make Broadway BETTER by going to Sondheim, but you won't 'save' it...

Not really worried if Broadway needs to be 'saved'....

Would rather listen to Barbra sing "Putting it Together" than anyone else...

Pound for pound; story, songs, set, costumes, lighting, sheer theatricality - "Les Miz" is the best musical ever written...
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re: Unpopular Opinions You Hold#20
Posted: 1/3/09 at 5:47am
-I like the changes in West Side Story the movie. I think Cool and Gee, Officer are better switched
-I too could not care less about grammer...or spelling!
-I like Legally Blonde
-I love Passion by Sondheim but found Sunday to be somewhat boring even though I love the music...
-I think Jason Robert Brown is God
Genius lasts longer than beauty.
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re: Unpopular Opinions You Hold#21
Posted: 1/3/09 at 5:52am
I bake.
"Its the fractured quality in [Bernadette Peters'] singing voice and line readings that puts across the character as someone for whom resentment is sliding into madness." - NYtimes on Follies (2011).
re: Unpopular Opinions You Hold#22
Posted: 1/3/09 at 9:15am
I hate Rent!
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re: Unpopular Opinions You Hold#23
Posted: 1/3/09 at 9:49am
I Love Rent (not that that should be a big deal considering it was a very popular show)

I Love Legally Blonde and am a 30 year old man!

Light In The Piazza was way overrated

Mamma Mia the movie is one of the worst movies ever made

I thought Dance Of The Vampires was brilliant in a camp disaster kinda way

I secretly though Good Vibrations was fun

I booed a little during Gone With The Wind (and feel really bad)

Had thought of killing many of the cast of Rent Remixed

Taboo should have never gone to Broadway, it was never going to work there
Namo i love u but we get it already....you don't like Madonna
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re: Unpopular Opinions You Hold#24
Posted: 1/3/09 at 10:00am
People that hate Rent seem to think that is an unpopular opinion.

And people who love Rent seem to think that is an unpopular opinion.

Which leads me to believe the neither is unpopular. You are going to have a lot of company on both sides of that line.