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Britain's West End Theatres Reopen in October  Sep 14 2020, 03:22:56 PM

I would hope/assume that the production would not hold grudges against anyone that chooses not to work to protect their health. On the flip side, those without work who are not in a high-risk category (and who do not come into contact with a high-risk category) may be happy that they can work*

* More likely is the whole thing is going to collapse from a 2nd wave and no one will work. 

Time For A Gypsy Revival  Sep 10 2020, 06:22:51 AM
Gypsy seems to be one of those shows that is well known, respected - even adored - by insider theatre circles but not really known to the wider public. I think we overestimate its appeal sometimes. I mean, the 2003 revival had Bernadette and Sam Mendes and still couldn’t make a profit - and the LuPone version struggled even more. I agree that this show is never going to go anywhere. They would need a massive name. Bigger than Sutton Foster, and maybe even bigger than Audra.

Time For A Gypsy Revival  Sep 9 2020, 11:48:40 AM

I believe Bernadette's Gypsy lost about half of the $8 million investment according to the NYtimes. 

Imelda Staunton in GYPSY is streaming for free  Sep 8 2020, 03:15:36 PM

I really don't like Bette Midler's version, either. A staged filming, a TV movie and a Hollywood movie and yet we still don't have a good record of the show. Why couldn't they film Patti, or Bernadette?

2009-2010 Musical Revivals  Sep 8 2020, 07:27:54 AM
I miss A Little Night Music dearly, which I saw with both casts. I’m sure there are a lot of threads back then but:

* The excitement of having CZJ and Lansbury was amazing. Lansbury was so funny and I thought CZJ was also very good with a warm, pleasing voice - much better than her unfortunate and awful Tony performance. It felt like a very glamorous evening. I loved how intimate the production was in that intimate theatre and found the design choices tasteful and simple. Of course man

If one musical survives 200 years from now  Sep 6 2020, 08:19:49 AM
Sweeney Todd

Time For A Gypsy Revival  Sep 5 2020, 04:15:44 AM

So sad that people forget her .

Can anyone suggest a song to listen to that shows Audra’s belt? This would be my only concern with her in the role. She is indeed one of the only people that could mount a revival though in my opinion and have a chance at making money while in theory being able to handle the demands of the role. 

Loading out in progress at the August Wilson  Sep 1 2020, 04:56:56 PM
Well I loved mean girls, and the set*, and I still found it funny. But of course I realise people don’t like jokes since about 2012.

* while I appreciate the humour, I personally found that of course it’s difficult to dismiss the mean girls set as being ‘just’ on a USB. The investment, quality and artistic use of those projections in my opinion were of a high standard - nothing like very very cheap projections I’ve seen on many a show before (especially outside Broadway). And much much

Seth Rudetsky’s “Stars In The House” Concerts  Aug 30 2020, 01:34:25 PM
Was there meant to be a next to normal reunion last night? What happened to it? Even when I search google a title says next to normal reunion it links to the sideshow one. Did they cancel it last minute and repurpose since Ripley was still around?

New Tony rules are likely to ice out The Lightning Thief  Aug 30 2020, 11:37:03 AM
It would be nice if they gave him a nomination even if they didn’t give an award though.

Dear Evan Hansen movie?  Aug 29 2020, 06:19:52 AM
To be fair, regardless of his actual age I have to agree that he looks older for his age (30+) and is far too old for the character. I really enjoyed his stage performance and am hoping for the best for this movie - but it’s hard not to have some concerns. I mean how many high school characters have a receding hairline? In general, like Alice Ripley in n2n I also wonder if the strength of his performance is oriented for the stage not screen. Maybe it’ll be a surprise though and Ben will become t

Dear Evan Hansen movie?  Aug 29 2020, 04:54:15 AM
Well, if it is Winslet I’m hoping for success means an increased likelihood that she plays Dot with Jake G in a movie adaptation, or Diana, or Desiree.

Oklahoma subtext  Aug 28 2020, 04:54:27 PM
It’s because in the scene with Curly and Judd in the dark like 5cm away from each others’ face. Personally I didn’t find it to have much gay subtext though. It was more that Curly was a cunning manipulator and was willing to exploit the loneliness of Judd - who was clearly not gay but lacking any kind of social interaction - to achieve his own ends.

I know some might claim it was over directed or a misinterpretation but I miss the revival dearly. I loved everything about it.

Putting It Together: How Stephen Sondheim and I Created "Sunday in the Park with George"  Aug 25 2020, 03:15:31 AM
I’m quite sure in typical broadwayworld fashion they posted the article after I posted this hehe.

Seth Rudetsky’s “Stars In The House” Concerts  Aug 23 2020, 06:41:26 AM

Just like when I saw the show, go figure. 

Putting It Together: How Stephen Sondheim and I Created "Sunday in the Park with George"  Aug 23 2020, 06:05:51 AM

Have we discussed this? Looks like James Lapine is releasing a new book:



What Show Would You Like To See At Encores?  Aug 22 2020, 01:33:10 PM

Jordan Catalano said: "We also desperately need “Dear World”."

Yes. With Bernadette or Buckley! 

Lazarus  Aug 22 2020, 10:22:44 AM

LightsOut90 said: "They showed a filmed version a few years ago in Brooklyn, wonder why its never received a bugger release...?"

Interesting. Was it a high quality filming? If so, I assume the reason must be rights/contractual/money? It seems like the perfect thing to sell to Netflix right now. I’m sure it would happen if it could. 

74th Annual Tony Awards will go digital this fall  Aug 22 2020, 04:16:25 AM
Surprising that Aaron Tveit wasn’t at least nominated for either next to normal or catch me if you can. Hopefully he can get at least some recognition such as a nomination this time! Knowing his luck they will pull the whole category lol .

Lazarus  Aug 21 2020, 03:34:12 PM
Did anyone see this? I am intrigued by it because of Michael C Hall, Bowies death and the context of his life in which he wrote some of the material/had some of the vision behind this. But I must admit reading/listening it didnt appear to make a lot of sense.

Is it that he is a dying alcoholic/drug addict and most of the show is in a psychotic state to help explain the madness? (Eg he is not really an alien, and the ending might be him finding reconciliation in death).

Its ha

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