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Is Anyone Else Concerned with the Casting of Sutton Foster as Reno Sweeny  Jul 11 2010, 11:06:16 PM
At least she isn't, for lack of a better phrase, selling out this time. IE: Young Frankenstein and Shrek.

FIRE THE SOUND GUY ALREADY!  Jun 14 2010, 02:17:38 AM
"It definitely wasn't just NYC area, I'm in DC and I could barely hear Chad Kimball in Memphis's performance. There was also some strange sound during Fela's portion of the opening number that wasn't coming out of the actress on stage...:)"

Pretty much. I was like, "Wait... ventriloquist?"

In one word the Tonys were...  Jun 14 2010, 02:12:34 AM



Lea Michele named one of Time's 100 Most Influential People of 2010  Apr 29 2010, 11:10:05 PM
Her CHARACTER may be influential, but she seems like she has a stick shoved up her butt in every non-production photo of her that I've seen.

re: The BWW Status Thread  Oct 22 2009, 05:44:54 PM
Skb2010 just came back from a school day that included getting extremely mad at Jim from "The Glass Menagerie" and finding out her Spanish teacher was arrested for alleged sexual misconduct with at least 4 students. Awesome day.

re: Any Michael Buble Fans?  Oct 6 2009, 05:20:30 PM
New Song.

I love it.

Question about YAGMCB  Aug 30 2009, 04:50:35 PM
Which is considered a bigger part. Linus or Schroeder?

re: Enchanted: The Musical  Jun 29 2009, 02:18:27 PM
As long as the dragon isn't a hard core fail as a chorus, it's all good.

re: Miranda Sings  May 25 2009, 11:37:37 PM

I posted this comment on the video, but Carol Burnett anyone?

re: The BWW Status Thread  May 4 2009, 09:09:00 PM
skb2010 is excited how it's going with the guy she's talking to.

re: The Most Intimate Theatre Experience  Apr 13 2009, 11:53:31 PM
I saw Spelling Bee in Chicago at a matinee. It was basically 100 kids from my school, and maybe fifty people who came seperately. We were moved down to front. The Drury Lane is an intimate theater to begin with, but when you have so few people in the audience, and the show breaks the fourth wall throughout the entire performance, it was like it was real rather than a performance.

re: Pittsburgh CLO's 'Into the Woods' to Star Foster, Cody and Leavel  Apr 13 2009, 11:50:50 PM
I vote a re-revival on Broadway with this cast.

re: New HBO GREY GARDENS film to air April 18!  Apr 13 2009, 02:41:38 PM
I can't wait till Saturday!

re: 30 minute tv spot on the Mary Poppins Nat'l Tour  Apr 7 2009, 10:38:23 PM
I dunno, there is something about the little girl I don't like.

re: The new Sutton Foster 'Wish' love thread  Apr 4 2009, 02:47:36 PM
I guess I fail at searching then.

re: The new Sutton Foster 'Wish' love thread  Apr 4 2009, 12:10:24 PM
I would. It's really a chill, relaxing album.

The new Sutton Foster "Wish" love thread  Apr 4 2009, 11:51:48 AM
I couldn't find the old thread. So here we go.

I love "I'm Beginning to See the Light"

re: West Side Story on 'Good Morning America' 3/27  Mar 27 2009, 02:43:12 PM
I agree wicked. Parts seemed like she was screaming.

re: Anyone Listening to the SHREK Cast Recording?  Mar 25 2009, 11:38:14 AM
I like my packaging- my laptop. I do like having a hard copy, but it's cheaper to get it on iTunes.

re: Anyone Listening to the SHREK Cast Recording?  Mar 24 2009, 12:15:17 AM
everyone can. Well, I would, except my mom has to give me her credit card and it's 11:15, so she's sleeping.

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