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11/4/03 presents: project bammy#1
Posted: 3/14/08 at 1:30pm is sponsoring a contest to create an ad for bammy.

jedges are: matt damon, ben affleck, oliver stone, jesse jackson, john legend, moby anmd eddie vedder.

my favorite line of the article is, "the judges include boston-bred stars ben affleck and matt damon, whose low-budget movie "good will hunting" launched them to stardom..."

in what privileged neighborhood was $10m considered "low-budget" in 1997???

hopefully, we'll see mccain in a gestapo uniform and hillary as eva braun.
project greenlight bammy
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re: presents: project bammy#2
Posted: 3/14/08 at 2:03pm
They should save time and money and just use this. It still makes me laugh.
Bammy's ad.
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re: presents: project bammy#2
Posted: 3/14/08 at 4:04pm
Jesus needs to lay off the loaves & fishes if he's gonna go shirtless. And if you choose a Low Rise Swaddle, trim your burning bush.
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