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there ought to be a license for which prospective parents must apply

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nixzaliz santiago caught her daughter and her husband - the girl's stepfather - engaged in oral sex. so she and the stepfather beat her to death. the daughter. i can certainly understand her directing that kind of rage at such a wanton whore as that daughter who'd seduce her own stepfather. oh, did i mention the daughter was seven years old?

they should take both these pieces of waste, administer a strong amphetamine, hang them upside down and and use a pipe to break every bone in their bodies. then drop them on the ground. let 'em lay there for a few minutes thinking that it's over, then hang them by their wrists, plug them both with an iv to administer a blood expander and more amphetamines. once they are stable, begin dipping them into vats of sulfuric acid at random intervals and to random depths until all that remains are the arms from the elbows to the fingers. lower those down and toss them into the vats.
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That's digusting. Not your idea of punishment -- that's justified -- I felt dirty reading this: "Bear in mind, this is Cesar Rodriguez's defense--that his wife was angry that he was getting oral sex from her seven-year-old daughter."

Could you imagine being that guy's lawyer?
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You've got my vote, Papa.
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i thought it was gonna be about this story

(which i couldnt read all the way coz it was so upsetting)

but your story is worse.
i want to make thngs that count
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It's incredible isn't it? You have to have a license for your dog, a license to get married, get approval to add a front porch to your house, pass a test and get a license to drive a car. But any two deviant a$$holes can bring a totally innocent and dependent soul into this world.

I never believed in the death penalty until I hear about things like this.
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mamie4 5/14/03
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norn, that story you posted happened here where I live and it makes me sick. We have had so many horrible stories of child abuse around here lately that it is mind boggling. We had the mom who left her toddler in the tub so she could watch American Idol and the child almost drowned. There was a little girl who had been removed from her mother because of abuse. CPS gave her back to her mother without doing proper follow up and the little girl was beaten to death by her mother and father. Then there have been about 4 different cases of parents leaving their kids in the car while they go see a movie, go shopping, etc... All of this in the past 6 months or so. I'm going to have my own child in about 2 months and already I want to keep him safe and protected from as much as humanly possible. How people can do this to innocent children leaves me speechless.
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