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Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian- Actually Was Considered

Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
I was watching this video on YouTube and it's from An Evening With Kevin Smith were he was talking about his involvement with working on a script for Superman and in the beginning he said that Warner Brothers offered him three rewrites, one being Superman, the other being an Outer Limits episode, and the last being Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian(To which he responds, "Really, didn't we say all we needed with the first Beetlejuice? Must we go tropical?").

Now, I had heard on the internet that there might have been some interest in a sequel and apparently Michael Keaton was interested in doing a sequel but only is Tim Burton was directing.

So, how many here would actually want to see a sequel to Beetlejuice?
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Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
I think EVERY Successful movie is seen as fair game for a sequel- even films that "said it all" the first time around. Remember "Butch & Sundance- The Early Years", Grease 2" or "Another 48 Hours" proof that you don't need the same stars, character or story line to call something a sequel. Wasn't there talk of a "Chicago" sequel when it broke big?
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