can someone help me find this watch?

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can someone help me find this watch?#1
Posted: 8/4/07 at 11:20pm
i have a watch that i absolutly love... but sadly it broke.

from what i can gather from the back of the watch, it's from a company called either "mighty fine" or "fine bad cat"
it lists a web address and but nothing comes up when i go there.

it has a leather band with studs on it, it closes with a snap and can be adjusted to 3 sizes.

the watch face as a black cat on it with flames and the words "cat out of hell" in red.

i would be so greatful if anyone could help me locate a replacement!

i originally bought it at walmart but i have not seen any there since i bought it.

edit: a friend found it on ebay can someone help me find this watch?
hopefully i'll win it :)
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