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LOVELY BONES cast -- Tucci and Gosling

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LOVELY BONES cast -- Tucci and Gosling#1
Posted: 7/23/07 at 2:17pm
Are there two more interesting choices? I doubt it. I loved the book, to a point, and wondered if someone like Phillip S. Hoffman or John C. Riley might play the killer. Tucci is very much outside the box here, but likely an inspired decision. And Gosling and Weitz seem very compelling for the pivotal parents. The question remains -- can this material's long stretches of alternative universe reality integrate with the very grim ORDINARY PEOPLE mourning elements? Perhaps Peter Jackson really is a superb choice, as he is nothing if not a visual storyteller.

In other news, did anyone hear that Tom Cruice bought THE HAHA? That terrific first novel truly requires a Hoffman or Riley. Cruise's participation is disappointing in extreme.
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I adored this book. I never really pictured Tucci or Gosling in it either. I'll be curious to see how it works.
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I hated this book. I don't know why it's being turned into a film.
A little swash, a bit of buckle - you'll love it more than bread.
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Is Tucci in the film? I only heard about Weitz and Gosling and the gal playing Susie.

I reallllly want Andy Serkis to play Harvey. I think he'd be fabulous, plus I think Jackson owes him a kick ass non-animated part in one of his films...Lumpy the Cook doesn't count.

I'm also hoping Jamie Bell sneaks into the film as one of the main teenage characters, also considering Jackson already worked with him in Kong.