Saturday's Motivator - A Special Place

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Broadway Legend
Saturday's Motivator - A Special Place#0
Posted: 9/25/04 at 1:21pm
There is a place where the possibilities have no end. There is a place where the things you've known as limitations can no longer hold you back.

It is a place where your thoughts and actions bring positive and valuable results. It is a place filled with opportunity and treasure.

You do not reach this place by traveling in a car, a boat or a plane. For it is not on any map.

Yet it is real and you can be there in an instant. You reach this place by keeping your mind positively focused.

When you're in this special place, you can truly achieve great things. When you journey in your mind to this place of positive focus, your most treasured dreams can come to life.

There is a place where the best that is possible becomes real. Spend as much time there as you can.