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Cross Country Disaster

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Broadway Legend
Cross Country Disaster#0
Posted: 9/18/04 at 2:26pm
Okay a friend of mine has a daughter in highschool that runs cross country. This morning I decided I would go cheer her on at the county meet. So I get there and Vasity Boys run, and 2 boys passed out. Someone called an EMS truck and the races continued. Next up, Varsity Girls. One girl slips into a seizure and starts vomiting uncontrolably. Still no EMS, so someone called again. JV Boys run. 1 passes out, but still no EMS. FINALLY the EMS trucks get there, approximately 37 minutes after the first call. That is ridiculous when the trucks were being dispatched from a center merely 10 min away. Im sorry this is so irrelevant, but they could have cost that girl her LIFE, and even after all of that, they continued with the JV Girls though the temperature had risen at least 5 degrees since the races started. I am very worried about all of them. No one should be forced to run in those conditions and I cannot believe that coaches care more about the scores than keeping these wonderful kids safe. They are way too talented, spirited, and have so much more of their lives left to live. Please PLEASE keep them in your thoughts and if any of you are involved in sports be careful. I cant imagine what the parents of these kids are going through. I called and complained to the emergency rescue center for their appalling arrival times and if those kids dont make it through they can be SURE that that was not the only time they would be hearing from me.

Sorry if this is too random for the boards but I am so angry right now I needed to let off a little steam
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Broadway Star
re: Cross Country Disaster#1
Posted: 9/18/04 at 2:50pm
Wow, that's terrible. Even for a great runner, running in the heat is always hard. I run in the summer time but can only go short distances because I get sick, I can only imagine running a full XC race. Those EMS people should be fired.
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