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who has been to Costa Rica?

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who has been to Costa Rica?#0
Posted: 8/18/04 at 9:48pm
We are planning a trip and need ideas. Anyone been to Costa Rica? Which side of the country did you stay on? Any place in particular you might recommend? Beaches? Are the roads really that bad?
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re: who has been to Costa Rica?#1
Posted: 8/19/04 at 8:06am
How many people in your group? I have a friend who has a vacation home available for rent. It has four bedrooms, three bathrooms and sleeps eight people. It has all the amenities - private pool, full kitchen, internet access, maid service, etc. It rents for around $2500 a week - pretty good if you divide it up between four or more people.

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re: who has been to Costa Rica?#2
Posted: 8/20/04 at 3:17pm
My son went last summer with a group. According to all the research we did (although I HATE tours myself, except when in a country that requires them for safety sake) this is a place you'd probably want to tour with a guide or group if possible.

He did the rainforest canopy tour and loved it and they did have some time for beaches and shopping. Watch for pick pockets in shopping areas. They can pick Americans out easily!
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re: who has been to Costa Rica?#3
Posted: 8/20/04 at 9:22pm
Jon-I love the monkeys
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