Ever have one of those 100% horrible days?

Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
Ever have one of those 100% horrible days?#0
Posted: 7/12/04 at 10:29pm
I'm just waiting for midnight so this day can be over.
This morning I had to register for this year's courses. I'm on a freaking WAITING LIST for musical theatre because it's technically a drama course and I'm a voice student. So that was a major piss off.
I went to work today (half an hour away), and was very ill upon arrival. I was going to leave until I found out that some television network was coming to the rehersal that night, and I would be interviewed, so I decided to suck it up and stay.
But I forgot to pick up a music book in the city I live in. So I drove the half-hour back to get the book.
Except for the store didn't have it because they set up shop at some music festival near my house and it was there.
Fine, but that music festival didn't take debit, and I didn't have cash on me.
So I went to get cash out of the bank machiene but my card was messed up and it wouldn't let me take anything out, even though my balance was fine (for once!! lol).
So I went to the actual bank to figure it out. They said it wouldn't be working till tommorow. Great.
So I head back to work, bookless. And my friggin car breaks down just off the highway. I literally JUST made it off the highway.
So I get home and find out that I most likely completley fried the engine . And since there's no transit between my city and the town I work in, and I don't have any friends here who drive, the job requires the car, and right now poor Liza is pooched.
To top off my wonderful day....
I just found a friggin millipede downstairs in my kitchen. You know the ones with tons of legs that just speed along your floor and scare the crap out of you?
He'd better be the only one.
Oh oh!
Earlier today when I first got in my car, some jerk parked right where i normally pull out of. So I had to pull a 20-or-something-point turn, and ended up scraping the side of the car against this white stucco building. Poor Liza's been through hell.
And something (I think it was a wasp) stung my pinky finger. I have no idea how. But my left pinky is currently twice the size of my right.
An hour and a half till this hellish day is over.

Ever had a day like this? Enough of the woe is me.....I want to hear about your days from hell!
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